Thinking of Making a Nap Transition?

To transition or not transition, that is very frequently the question.  Whether it be dropping the catnap, transitioning from two naps per day to one, or moving away from naps altogether, my advice is always to be thoughtful in your approach and patient with the process, whichever nap transition it may be. As a parent, ...

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Grumpy After A Nap

Many little ones will be grumpy after a nap if they have not gotten enough sleep. If your child is often waking at the dreaded 45-minute mark and doing so quite unhappily, check out Good Night Sleep Site's strategies for how to lengthen naps. But what about babies and toddlers who are getting plenty of sleep ...

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Napping On The Go

Finding a balance between having your child sleep versus having your child sleep anywhere isn’t always easy.

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Help Your Child Sleep Better at Daycare

To help keep your baby or toddler on a regular sleep routine, everyone needs to be on board. Parents need to work with childcare providers so that they are aware of your usual routine and attempt to maintain it as much as possible. This will really help your child sleep better at daycare. We know that ...

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Getting Through A Toddler Sleep Strike

Often we see toddler sleep regressions happen to even the best of sleepers. When clients contact me regarding the toddler sleep strike happening at home, I first make sure sleep basics are being promoted.

FREE Printable My Baby is Sleeping Door Hangers and Stickers

Frustrated that the second you get your child sleeping the doorbell rings? You can now download our free printable "my baby is sleeping" door hangers and stickers to keep your little one sleeping and the solicitors away!    

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Good Night Sleep Radio – June 18th, 2014 Session

On this show Alanna discussed:  - How to handle the early wakings of a 21 month old daycare goer.  - How to handle sleep regressions of an 8 month old when they are working on new developmental milestones.  - How to handle early wakings of a 5 month old and frequent night wakings.  - How to ...

Dropping Naps – When Nap Time is Officially Over

Dropping Naps - Is it Time? The time will come when your toddler is ready to go nap free throughout the day - I know, everyone hold each other and weep. But if your little ones naptime starts interfering with his consolidated nighttime sleep it may be time to make that transition. Children can drop ...

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Good Night Sleep Radio – April 23rd, 2014 Session

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Good Night Sleep Radio – April 16th, 2014 Session

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