Books make a great gift at any age. You probably already know that here at Good Night Sleep Site, we think a great bedtime routine is a key component of good sleep hygiene.  Books are a wonderful thing to include in your bedtime routine and they get your eyes away from the many screens that are a part of our lives these days. They also give way to many snuggling and connecting opportunities.  Scholastic Canada recently shared with us two great books for kids that we think would make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts this holiday season.

Jeremy Tankard books

Hungry Bird

If you aren’t familiar with Canadian children’s author Jeremy Tankard yet, this book will surely make you and your kids a big fan. In this book, Bird is hiking with his friends when he gets hungry, but no one has packed him a snack that he likes!

Let’s be honest, what parent can’t identify with having a ‘hangry’ child or feeling a bit ‘hangry’ yourself?  The tempo of Jeremy’s books make them easy for kids to follow and learn the words to participate in reading this book.  If you haven’t already checked out Jeremy’s debut book, Grumpy Bird, we also recommend adding that to your child’s library too!


How Do Dinosaurs Go To Sleep

How Do Dinosaurs Go To Sleep?

Have a bed time staller? Well so do the parents of this little dinosaur. When parents are ready to say good night, sometimes little dinosaurs have other ideas! Laugh with your kids as you read about the dinosaur trying everything to avoid bedtime.  Finally the dinosaur snuggles in and shows that he really does know the right way to go to sleep -a bath, a story, and a good-night kiss! This playful bedtime board book is perfect for every sleepy little dinosaur in your life.

Reading can start to be included in your baby’s bedtime routine, right from the very start. And even when your children are old enough to read on their own, be sure to still read to them and share the connection that comes with reading a story together. Every few months we’ll be sharing some great book picks from our partners at Scholastic Canada – view the picks from September and October.

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