As we head into the spring and summer months our sleep health can take a bit of a hit. Longer days, busier schedules, and family travel can mean that while we are working on our tans we are also working on a sleep debt.

As the seasons change so do your sleep habits. During the winter months days are shorter and darker, and our bodies go into a state of semi-hibernation where we tend to sleep longer hours. Once summer hits days get longer and brighter and we tend to sleep less and our goal is to try and protect our sleep the best way we can throughout the summer so that we don’t carry a sleep debt into the fall, which can mean a chronically sleep deprived family unit.

I share my sleep tips on The Morning Show Global and help your whole family sleep well through:

  1. The change in season.
  2. The change in schedule.
  3. The change in environment

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