3 Month Old Baby Sleep Tips – 4th Trimester Sleep

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Maybe the newborn weeks were idyllic – your baby ate, slept, and woke on a fairly predictable rhythm. Maybe the opposite was true and you’re sleep deprived and wondering what offerings you need to offer to appease the sleep gods. Either way, somewhere between 3 and 6 months, it’s going to change. At around 4 [...]

Circadian Rhythms and the Tick-Tock of Your Baby’s Biological Clock

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  Circadian Rhythms and Your Baby Something I explain to my new parents with babies younger than 4 months of age, is about their baby’s biological clock and circadian rhythms.  You’ve all heard that from me right?  ”Their biological clock hasn’t matured yet, therefore…” So I thought it would be a good idea if I explained this [...]

The Only Holiday Sleep Tip Newborn Parents Need to Know

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Tis the season of Holiday stress and when you are a parent of a newborn (0-4 months old) you can also be completely overwhelmed with the normal adjustments and life overhaul that a new baby brings. This is why the only tip I give you this Holiday season is this is the year you can [...]

Over-Stimulation & The Period of Purple Crying

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In those first few months your baby will cry and it will be almost impossible to soothe him.  He will cry and it will be so unpredictable you'll be pulling out your hair because you can't figure him out, and...it could last for the first four months of his life. The good news is that it's [...]