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How The Baby Box Can Simplify Your Life

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Buying baby gear and essentials for my first child was not the experience I thought it would be. I remember walking into a giant baby store, pregnant, and feeling completely lost. I had no idea what to buy or what mom approved ‘must haves’ needed to be on my list. It is not easy to [...]

Getting Your Baby Ready for the Spring Time Change

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Is Your Baby Sleep Ready for the Spring Time Change? The Spring time change is approaching and we move our clocks forward by one hour. Instead of rejoicing about more daylight and the fact that winter is almost over, parents everywhere await the horror. Yes, just when you have your baby on a great sleep [...]

My Response to the White Noise Machine Study

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Does this White Noise Machine Study Tell Us Not to Use it For Our Babies? A recent white noise machine study, ran through the University of Toronto was conducted as there is a raised concern that consistent use of Infant Sleep Machines could increase the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. Sound machines are used by [...]