Second Child Sleep Syndrome

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I think it’s fair to say that I was obsessed with very passionate about my first child’s sleep. I kept her to a schedule, revolved our days and nights around her slumber, and cowered at the thought of doing anything different. Surely this was the only way to keep her well rested. When I got [...]

Healthy Sleep For Your Baby Without the Guilt

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Craving healthy sleep for your baby doesn’t have to come with a side of guilt. Sleepless nights are synonymous with the early weeks of parenting. Almost a rite of passage. An expected, but completely unprepared for how bone-numbing tiring it can actually be, rite of passage Sleep, or lack thereof, is quite commonly one of [...]

Why Your Baby Cries When They Wake Up

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I was recently asked by Catherine from Cat & Nat a great question and one that I'm asked frequently. “If my baby wakes up crying does it mean that they are still tired?” Why Your Baby Cries When They Wake Up If your baby wakes up screaming and crying there are likely 3 things going on: [...]

How to Get Your Baby to Nap Longer

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Ah, naps. Sweet, sweet naps. We love them as adults. So why don’t babies feel that way, too? If you’ve ever wondered how to get a baby to sleep for a long time, you’re not alone. The most common sleep complaint I hear is “Why won’t my baby nap?” Is this situation familiar to you? [...]

Sleep and Your Baby This Holiday Season

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Holiday plans are underway and while you are planning travel, accommodations, and Holiday excursions, you should also be scheduling in some sleep time for your baby.  I know keeping your child well-rested during the busy Holiday season can be a concern but it doesn’t have to be.  You can still deck-the-halls and protect your little [...]