Baby’s Sleep In The First Two Months

A newborn’s sleep is disorganized in the first 8 weeks (adjust for expected due date), and this can be a source of uncertainty and anxiety in new parents.

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Is Your Baby A Sensitive Sleeper?

Do you have a sensitive sleeper on your hands? I have a sensitive little sleeper in my family.  And while I was fully aware that variance in sleep sensitivity was possible from one child to the next, it was not until I had one in my own family that I fully understood the true meaning ...

Stop Trying to Teach Your Baby to Self-Soothe

Self-soothing. You’ve read every article you can on it and your head is swimming with the difference of opinions.

How to Get Your Baby to Nap Longer

Ah, naps. Sweet, sweet naps. We love them as adults. So why don’t babies feel that way, too? If you’ve ever wondered how to get a baby to sleep for a long time, you’re not alone. The most common sleep complaint I hear is “Why won’t my baby nap?” Is this situation familiar to you? ...

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Next stop, the Overtired (Bedtime) Zone!

You are about to enter another dimension. A bedtime dimension that many parents believe their baby will show signs of a tired, fussy, or clingy child. Yet in this dimension the opposite is true. You see once you've missed that small drowsy bedtime window your child will go from tired and fussy into a journey ...

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Does the Summer Mean an Early Morning for Your Child?

Experiencing a sudden early morning waking with your little one this summer? You may notice as the weather gets warmer and days longer, your little one is getting up earlier and earlier. A consistent early morning waking makes you scratch your head as you think you are doing everything right. Bedtime is early enough, daytime ...

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Why Does Sleep Training Make My Child More Tired?

Sometimes during the first week of sleep training you may be wondering "why does sleep training make my child more tired?" It may seem odd that now that your child is getting more sleep and better quality sleep it's getting tougher and tougher to keep them awake. What happens in your child’s body when he ...

Circadian Rhythms and the Tick-Tock of Your Baby’s Biological Clock

  Circadian Rhythms and Your Baby Something I explain to my new parents with babies younger than 4 months of age, is about their baby’s biological clock and circadian rhythms.  You’ve all heard that from me right?  ”Their biological clock hasn’t matured yet, therefore…” So I thought it would be a good idea if I explained this ...