How to Choose the Perfect Pillow – Cityline

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Choosing the right pillow is such a personal purchase as there isn’t one pillow that is perfect for everyone. The first thing to recognize is what position you sleep in. Do you sleep on your stomach, back, or side? That will determine whether or not you need a soft, medium, or firm pillow. Back Sleeper [...]

Family Sleep Tips for Daylight Saving Time – Breakfast Television

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It's time to fall back with the clock and now is a great time to take steps to better your families sleep health. I joined the team at Breakfast Television and shared my top tips and resources on how to help your family sleep better. Clear your nightstand. Remove phones, tablets and other tech and electronics [...]

Sharing Bedrooms and Your Kids Sleep

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If your wanting your children to start sharing bedrooms and you are wondering how to transition them into the same bedroom there are steps you can take to make the transition easier. Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn shares her top sleep tips and then is joined by Mabel’s Labels co-founder Julie Cole to share how their [...]

Why You Need a Blanket to Sleep Better – Your Morning

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I joined Lindsay at Your Morning where I shared why you need a blanket to sleep better. I discussed what happens to our bodies as it prepares to sleep and why using a blanket throughout this process can mean better sleep for everyone. I also shared the one thing you shouldn't do at night that [...]

Breastfeeding and Sleep Training

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We’ve been wanting to do this episode for quite some time because we know how many of you are struggling with both sleep and breastfeeding. Often these are two relationships that go hand in hand and there are many questions from parents in regards to both. The reason why we’ve waited until Season 3 is [...]

Social Media Safety and Our Children

By | 2019-09-07T00:12:21+00:00 September 3rd, 2019|Podcast|

Our tweens and teens are losing out on quality sleep because of tech and social media. Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn interviews social networking safety expert Paul Davis on how parents can navigate the world of social media for our children to help them sleep better at night. If you have a tween or teen entering [...]

Teen Sleep Questions – Your Morning

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I joined Ben at Your Morning where discuss my top tips to helping our teens get sleep ready for back to school. I showed some of my favourite products and sleep tools that can help your tween and teen start the school year off well-rested! Subscribe to Good Night Sleep TV here to be kept up-to-date on [...]