Episode 36: Preparing Your Child for Sleep Away Camp

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It’s that time of year where your child may be headed off to camp. Whether big or small your child may be having mixed emotions about the experience, heck you may have mixed emotions about the experience. Heading off to their first year of sleep away camp is a big deal and sometimes a little [...]

Episode 35: Guest – Jamie Glowacki – Potty Training Expert

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Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn sits down with Potty Training Expert and author of Oh Crap Potty Training and Oh Crap I have a Toddler, Jamie Glowacki. Jamie is a trusted resource on all things potty training and now toddlerhood! Her two former careers as social worker and circus performer make her uniquely qualified to deal [...]

Episode 34: Sleep Clinic #4

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On today’s sleep clinic Sleep Expert Alanna is joined by four of her Good Night Sleep Site team members and together they answer your sleep questions that were submitted to @GNSleepSite through Instagram and Twitter. Join sleep experts Jamie Contarini, Emily O’Gorman, Laura Armstrong, and Heather Young and together with Alanna they tackle: How to [...]

Episode 33: How Do You Sleep Train a Baby With a Toddler at Home

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It’s a common issue that we hear from our parents. You are ready to start sleep training your baby and start a routine, stay consistent, and stay strong but you’re worried that your baby will wake up your toddler. How is it possible to remain consistent in your day-to-day routine of sleep training when you [...]

Episode 32: Guest – Sarah Remmer – Family Nutritionist

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Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn speaks with Family Nutritionist Sarah Remmer. Sarah is the founder and owner of The Centre for Family Nutrition, a Calgary-based nutrition counselling practice that specializes in pre-natal, infant and child nutrition. She has a powerful passion for good food, and for teaching parents how to healthfully (and realistically!) feed their families. [...]

Episode 31: How to Sleep Well While Pregnant

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Good Night Sleep Site helps many new parents help their children sleep better but what about mama’s-to-be who are having so much difficulty sleeping while pregnant? Frequent wakings, tossing and turning, difficulty getting comfortable, all coupled with various aches and pains. Throw in insomnia and some heartburn, carpal tunnel and basically the chance of getting [...]

Episode 30: Guest – Dr. Stephanie Liu – Family Doctor

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Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn speaks with Family Doctor Dr. Stephanie Liu and answers new parent medical questions. Stephanie practices community family medicine and acute care at the University of Alberta Hospital. Alanna has had the pleasure of contributing to Stephanie's popular blog over at lifeofdrmom.com and today Stephanie answers your top child medical questions! This [...]

Episode 29: Sleep Tool #4 – The Method

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In episode 6 we discussed how we need to implement a safe, consistent, and conducive sleep environment, in episode 9 we talked all things naps, when to have them and how to make them longer, then in episode 21 we spoke about the importance of an age appropriate bedtime and sometimes just by tweaking that [...]

Episode 28: Sleep at Daycare

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The struggle between parents, providers, and a child’s sleep is an ongoing one. One that Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn hear’s from both sides and one that doesn’t need to happen. To help keep your baby or toddler on a regular sleep routine everyone needs to be on board, and that doesn’t just mean mom and [...]

Episode 27: Dad Stories: Joseph Tito

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Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn interviews Joseph Tito from The Dad Diaries as her first official Dad Stories segment! Keeping with the twin theme over the past few weeks Joseph and Alanna discuss his journey on becoming a dad of beautiful twin girls, he provides some tips and shared his experience on being a single dad, [...]