Common Sleep Busters – Breakfast Television

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What we do throughout the day can affect how we sleep at night. Sleep is linked to other choices we make in our lives - our nutrition, exercise, and sleep hygiene and we have to stop thinking of sleep as a separate thing. We have to respect it. I joined the team at Breakfast Television to [...]

Celebrity Sleep Tips That You Can Use – CTV Your Morning

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From Oprah to Tom Cruise, celebrities are making sleep a priority and many are taking sleep steps necessary for a better night of sleep. I shared top celebrity sleep tips that we can incorporate into our own sleep routine that could help you sleep healthier tonight. From bedtime baths, nightly journals, and snoratoriams find out [...]

Why You Sleep Less in the Summer Than the Winter – CTV Your Morning

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Summer brings warmer weather but also less sleep for many families. I had a great time on Your Morning sharing why we sleep better in the winter and sleep less in the summer. I explained my top sleep tips on how you can protect your summer sleep and also help you children sleep better in [...]

How Waking Up Earlier Can Help You Fall Sleep Better – The Marilyn Denis Show

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On my latest Marilyn Denis Show segment I explained how waking up earlier can help you fall asleep better. Our natural circadian rhythms control when our body knows when to wake up and go to bed each night. There is such thing as being a natural early bird or night owl. These chronotypes are 50% due [...]

How to Achieve a Better Night’s Sleep – CHCH Morning Live

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I had the pleasure of speaking with CHCH Morning Live on how to help you achieve a better night's sleep by revamping your bedtime routine and making sure you are including your own personal beauty regime to help prepare your body and mind to sleep better.   Subscribe to Good Night Sleep TV here to be kept [...]

LIVE Sleep Clinic at Snuggle Bugz

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I joined Cheryl Hickey and Tanya Burmaster for a LIVE Sleep Clinic at Snuggle Bugz for their first #LiveSlumberParty and we talked all about sleep and showcased Cheryl Hickey Family's Arm Here for You. You can watch the full LIVE stream below!   Subscribe to Good Night Sleep TV here to be kept up-to-date on all upcoming [...]

Is it Okay to Take a Nap and How to Nap Properly – The Goods

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I was back on CBC The Goods answering the question - should I take a nap? I answered that and shared my top nap hacks like: Cold water nap recovery Creating the perfect nap environment How to take a nappuccino Nap + hammock = sleep win! You can watch the segment here at the 28.38 mark. [...]

Help Your Entire Family Sleep Well – The Marilyn Denis Show

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I had another fun and informative sleep segment on The Marilyn Denis Show. I helped Barb, mom of 4, sleep better at night. She suffered from sleep issues that so many busy moms suffer from and the tips I gave her were easy to implement and ones that even you can do at home. I [...]

Help Your Child Sleep Well on Summer Vacation – CTV Your Morning

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I had a great time chatting with Lindsey Deluce about how to set up our kids for sleep success while on summer vacation. For all the sleep well while on vacation sleep tips watch the full segment here.   Subscribe to Good Night Sleep TV here to be kept up-to-date on all upcoming shows. Alanna McGinn is [...]

How to Prepare Your Child For Sleep Away Camp – CTV Your Morning

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Is Your Child "Sleep" Ready for Sleep Away Camp? I sat down with Melissa Grelo on Your Morning and we discussed the best way to help your child sleep well at sleep away camp and how to determine if your child is ready for overnight camp. For all the overnight camp sleep tips watch the [...]