My Mont Tremblant Summer Family Trip

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Why You Need to Book Your Own Mont Tremblant Summer Family Trip This summer when planning our family road trip I wanted to stay within Canada. There is so much of this beautiful country to see and well…our dollar. Staying in Canada was the best choice on many counts. A Mont Tremblant summer family trip [...]

Why It’s Time to Book Your #DaysInnBizcation Work Retreat

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Is it Time For Your Corporate Retreat? Building my corporation into a successful global practice hasn’t always been easy. For over 8 years I have navigated through the storms and celebrated the successes, and all from the basement of my home. Surrounded by unfolded laundry and toys. I am the definition of the “Work at Home [...]

Fun Things For Kids To Do In Martha’s Vineyard – Part 2

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When I was planning our trip to Martha’s Vineyard I was looking forward to experiencing the road trip and amazing beaches with my kids. As I mentioned I wanted the ocean and I wanted the kids to have a blast. I did my research on fun things for kids to do in Martha's Vineyard before arriving [...]

Traveling to Martha’s Vineyard with Kids – Part 1

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Our summer family trip this year was to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. While traveling to Martha's Vineyard with kids may not be the top of everyone's list it was a family vacation I took as a child and still have vivid memories of the fun my family and I had. We decided this summer rather than [...]

My Visit to the Grand Hotel in Stockholm Sweden

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I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the five-star Grand Hotel in Stockholm, on my recent trip to Sweden. Opened in 1872, this centrally located luxury hotel sits right on the water, with easy boat access and walking distance to the NationalMuseum, the old town of Gamla Stan, and faces Sweden’s Royal Palace. Home [...]

The Canyon Suites Hypoallergenic Rooms

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I had the pleasure of staying at The Phoenician in Scottsdale Arizona for the Mom 2.0 Summit. Having this resort as the backdrop for this amazing annual mommy blogger/brand event was icing on the cake. Conferencing poolside is the only way to do it, right? Just a short 9-mile drive from the airport – thank [...]

Protect Your Sleep While Conferencing Your Butt Off

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As I approach a busy conference and travel season I already anticipate the one thing that gets neglected - my sleep. With flights to catch, early morning breakfasts and keynotes, unfamiliar sleep environments and beds, and many a late night networking and catching up with colleagues, my sleep is ignored. I don’t know about you [...]

How to Prepare Your Child to Sleep at Camp

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I spoke with Kim Graydon from Glen Bernard Camp on how to prepare your child to sleep at camp. Mom and dad need to prepare as well :-)   Subscribe to Good Night Sleep TV here to be kept up-to-date on all upcoming shows. Alanna McGinn is a Certified Sleep Consultant and Founder of Good Night Sleep [...]

How Your Family Can Sleep Better When Traveling

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Knowing how to sleep better when traveling is key in your next successful family trip. It can be tough to stay well-rested while traveling with your family. A change in your childs sleep environment and routine along with missed naps and bedtimes can lead to sleep debts for all. It's much easier to sleep better when [...]

Video – Halton Insider – Keep Baby’s Holiday Sleep a Priority

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It can be tough to keep holiday sleep a priority for your baby with travel and busy festivities. Alanna McGinn talks one-on-one with mom Ashlee on how to protect her son's sleep while they are away for the holidays. Subscribe to Good Night Sleep TV here to be kept up-to-date on all upcoming shows. Alanna McGinn is [...]