How To Introduce A Toddler Clock

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Using a toddler clock has become a more popular “tool” in a parent’s sleep tool kit and I have to admit that I am a huge fan.  When solidifying sleep rules with a toddler or preschooler, the clearer our expectations and the simpler we are able to communicate them, the less our toddlers tend to resist [...]

Toddler Sleep Help: Is it okay to use a night light?

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Wondering if It's Okay to Use a Night Light for Your Toddler? It’s night time. You’re in a deep slumber. Your child is sleeping soundly. All is right with the world. Or so you thought. If you’ve ever been woken in the middle of the night by a scared child, you may have asked yourself [...]

Dropping Naps – When Nap Time is Officially Over

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Dropping Naps - Is it Time? The time will come when your toddler is ready to go nap free throughout the day - I know, everyone hold each other and weep. But if your little ones naptime starts interfering with his consolidated nighttime sleep it may be time to make that transition. Children can drop [...]

A Few Tricks of the (Sleep) Trade…

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Your little one may need some extra help at times to go to sleep at night, stay in their room or bed, and continue to take that afternoon nap.  Sometimes it’s the Tricks of The (SLEEP) Trade that need to come out.  Here are a few fun (and crafty – yay!) tricks that can give [...]