Toddler Behaviour Issues – Sleep Issues Can Be The Cause

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Are Your Toddler Behaviour Issues Due to Missed Sleep? We all know that not getting enough sleep can turn the sweetest kid into a whining, irritable shadow of himself the next day (the same also applies to a lot of adults). A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics (JAMA [...]

The 1 Thing You Must Do When Starting Daycare

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When I'm asked "my child is starting daycare, what should I do?" the one piece of advice I give is make bedtime earlier for the first few weeks. You have to understand that when we go through major transitions we could all use some extra sleep. When our little ones are getting adjusted to a [...]

3 Ingredients to Cure the Toddler Sleep Holiday Hangover

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The Holidays are over and things are starting to settle.  While our normal routine is starting to fall back into place, something may seem slightly off.  That something is your toddler and it’s a tale I hear far too often after this busy merry season.  Gatherings were had and new toys were played with, and [...]

Creating a Great Baby Sleep Routine When You Have a Toddler at Home

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A common question I get asked from my parents is “how do I stay consistent with my baby's sleep plan when I have an older child that I have to think about as well.”  I completely understand where they are coming from and can totally relate. Let’s take it back to last summer. I had 4 month [...]