A Better Sleep Environment Using The Five Senses

The key to a good night’s sleep at any age is setting up your sleep environment for sleep success. We equip our kitchens with the tools we need to create delicious meals and our dens are fit for relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, the bedroom sleep environment often gets overlooked. Instead of functioning as your space to ...

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How Do You Keep Them From Getting Out Of Bed?

It’s 2 a.m. Do you know where your three year-old is? That’s easy. She’s standing next to your bed. Sound familiar? Also, terrifying.

When Baby Gets Sick

It’s that time of year when cold and flu germs are in high circulation and can take hold of even the littlest member of your family. One question I get a lot from parents (particularly previous clients whose children have been sleeping beautifully) is—'what do I do when baby gets sick'? Parents want to tend ...

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Tools To Help Your Child Sleep Better At Night

It's probably no surprise to hear that our Good Night Sleep Site consultants are always working with new parents and teaching them how to get their baby the sleep they need. But did you know that we get just as many questions from parents with older kids asking for sleep help too? From birth to ...

Toddler Sleep Challenges

Even those parents who would call their baby a super sleeper get baffled by the changes and challenges that come with toddler sleep. Because the age range for these toddler sleep challenges can vary quite a bit, I won't acknowledge a specific age in terms of months for this article. However, I absolutely will acknowledge ...

Tips & Tricks for Halloween Bedtime Success

Halloween night is an exciting time for kids. There’s the anticipation, fun of costumes, energy of trekking from house to house, and of course, the candy…all of which have the potential to push bedtime later than we’d like. So, what's a parent to do?  While we certainly want kids to have fun and enjoy the evening, there ...

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How To Manage Bedtime Excitement

Bedtime excitement.  One of the most exciting time of day for kids can be when your partner gets home from work.  If your kids haven't seen your partner all day (or longer if they travel for work or work shift work), pardon me, but it can be a circus!  From my perspective, as someone who is ...

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How To Make It Easier For Your Child To Fall Asleep

It can be tough to fall asleep with the day’s worries on your mind. The same can be said for our children. Perhaps it was a disagreement they had with a friend that day, or a subject at school they are struggling with. Maybe their upcoming hockey tournament is keeping them up at night, or ...

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Why Parents Need To Get Back To School Ready Too

Have you started back to school shopping for your kids yet? Chances are you’ve started watching for sales and have maybe even registered your child for some Fall activities.

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How To Get Your Kids Sleep Ready For Back To School

We know it can be bittersweet when Fall clothes, backpacks and lunch bags show up in stores