Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping Well In The Summer

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The warm summer weather makes a lot of people happy. It lifts your mood, it's great for your overall health - really, what's not to love? Well, sometimes your sleep habits or the amount of sleep you get can be negatively impacted in the summer months. Stop and think for a minute...do you sleep well [...]

How To Pack A Travel Sleep Bag For Your Child

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With relatives out of province, an insatiable sense of adventure, an RV, two kids not yet in school and a large dog…we travel A LOT.  We make it a priority and typically spend weeks each month on the road…which means that both of our little one’s sleep environments change with more frequency than I might [...]

Summer Travel Sleep Tips

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Summer is finally here and the anticipation of getting away for your family vacation is high. When vacationing, happy children equal happy parents so keep reading for some summer travel sleep tips to help you realize those dreamy summer holiday days.  It is always much better if everyone is well rested enough to enjoy them! [...]

My Mont Tremblant Summer Family Trip

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Why You Need to Book Your Own Mont Tremblant Summer Family Trip This summer when planning our family road trip I wanted to stay within Canada. There is so much of this beautiful country to see and well…our dollar. Staying in Canada was the best choice on many counts. A Mont Tremblant summer family trip [...]

Fun Things For Kids To Do In Martha’s Vineyard – Part 2

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When I was planning our trip to Martha’s Vineyard I was looking forward to experiencing the road trip and amazing beaches with my kids. As I mentioned I wanted the ocean and I wanted the kids to have a blast. I did my research on fun things for kids to do in Martha's Vineyard before arriving [...]

Traveling to Martha’s Vineyard with Kids – Part 1

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Our summer family trip this year was to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. While traveling to Martha's Vineyard with kids may not be the top of everyone's list it was a family vacation I took as a child and still have vivid memories of the fun my family and I had. We decided this summer rather than [...]

My Visit to the Grand Hotel in Stockholm Sweden

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I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the five-star Grand Hotel in Stockholm, on my recent trip to Sweden. Opened in 1872, this centrally located luxury hotel sits right on the water, with easy boat access and walking distance to the NationalMuseum, the old town of Gamla Stan, and faces Sweden’s Royal Palace. Home [...]

The Canyon Suites Hypoallergenic Rooms

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I had the pleasure of staying at The Phoenician in Scottsdale Arizona for the Mom 2.0 Summit. Having this resort as the backdrop for this amazing annual mommy blogger/brand event was icing on the cake. Conferencing poolside is the only way to do it, right? Just a short 9-mile drive from the airport – thank [...]