Cuddleheads Pillow Walmart Release Party – Join Us! #CuddleheadHugs @Cuddleheads

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Practicing a consistent bedtime routine with your little one is an important step in everyone getting sound sleep at night. Following similar activities each night will cue your child that sleep is coming next by giving them that comfort and security in knowing what to expect. Sometimes though your child needs some extra cuddles at [...]

Our Favourite Apps for the Whole Family From Today’s Parent and PBS Kids.

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It’s days like today that I love my job. I spent the morning curled up on the couch with my kids trying out some new apps to share with all of you and there were two that were absolute hits with both the kids and myself. For the Kids PBS Kids - Daniel the Tiger [...]

From Bananaphone to Smartphone Safety – RAFFI’s New Book a Must Read for Parents

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I'm going to step away from the subject of sleep for this post. As a mom of young children I'll admit I've been naive in my thoughts on social media and children. Naivety or denial ⎯ perhaps the same thing? I have said in the past that I hope once my eldest daughter reaches the [...]