Why Couples Sleep in Separate Rooms – CTV Your Morning

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The Sleep Mistakes Couples Make Forcing Them to Sleep in Separate Rooms   I sat down with Ben Mulroney to discuss bedtime blunders that couples make and why they are sleeping alone. More and more young couples are sleeping in separate bedrooms and I offer tips on how to avoid that and what happens when [...]

How to Create a Safe Sleep Space for Your Baby – The Goods on CBC

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  I tested the hosts of CBC The Goods on how well they could spot potential sleep hazards in the baby's nursery. I pointed out my top baby sleep dangers and how you can create the perfect safe sleep space for your child. For more information read here.   Alanna McGinn is a Certified Sleep [...]

How to Clean Up Your Sleep to Sleep More Soundly – The Marilyn Denis Show

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Ready to Clean Up Your Sleep? I was back on The Marilyn Denis Show to talk about clean sleep and shared with Marilyn how to clean up your sleep with some fun and healthy sleep tools to add to your sleep tool kit, and help you sleep more soundly throughout the night.   What is [...]

Sleep and the Spring Time Change – CTV Your Morning

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How to Help Your Child Transition to the Spring Time Change I sat down with Ben Mulroney at CTV Your Morning and we discussed the Spring time change and how best to help our kids sleep well during this adjustment. We also tackled what mom and dad can do this Spring to help them sleep [...]

Cityline – Help Your Children Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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I had a blast chatting with Tracy on Cityline and shared my 4 top Cityline sleep tips on how to help your child get a good night's sleep. Focus on Exercise and Nutrition Exercising, eating well and staying hydrated primes your body for a better sleep. Find outdoor family activities that everyone can enjoy together [...]

CTV Your Morning – Child Sleep Questions Answered

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Your Top Baby and Preschool Sleep Questions Answered by Alanna McGinn on CTV Your Morning I had a blast sitting with Melissa Grelo and answering your top child sleep questions on CTV Your Morning. From baby to preschooler we tackled: • When is the best time to start sleep training and what's the best method to [...]

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment – The Goods on CBC

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How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment and Remove all Sleep Busters   I had a great time joining the hosts of The Goods and helping them to create their perfect sleep environment. You can catch the full episode here and my segments starts at the 25.39 mark. Find out what I tell Jessi and Steven [...]

Give Your Bedroom a Sleep Audit – The Marilyn Denis Show

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How a Sleep Audit Can Help You Sleep Better Tonight I had a blast on The Marilyn Denis Show where I showed Marilyn and the audience how to give your bedroom a sleep audit. Clear your bedroom clutter. Revive your night table. Evaluate your mattresses and pillows Your top sleep tips and sleep products that [...]

Why Your Baby is Waking Up at Night – The Cat and Nat Show

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Wonder Why Your Baby is Waking Up at Night? In this segment of The Cat and Nat Show I sat down with the ladies to talk about the importance of early bedtimes and why your baby is having night wakings. My answers shocked a few and once again I couldn't have had more fun with these [...]

Alanna McGinn – CTV Your Morning Sleep Segment

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Your Morning Sleep Segment - Sleep Tips for the Entire Family for Back to School I sat down with Melissa Grelo on the Your Morning sleep segment and we covered all the bases of healthy sleep for the entire family. How to help your napper transition to kindergarten. How to encourage your teen to sleep [...]