Easter Basket Gift Ideas

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Easter is just around the corner and hopefully so is the warmer weather and longer doses of that golden sunshine. If you looking for some Easter basket gift ideas for your toddler or young child, we have some options that they will not only love, but would be great additions to any quiet time, nap time [...]

Celebrating Family Literacy Day

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Not only is strong literacy is an essential skill that is important for children’s success at school, but reading is an excellent option for creating a solid bedtime routine.  Good Night Sleep Site's #BringBackBedtime initiative recognizes the importance of turning off screens an hour before bed and looking to other sleep healthy activities before sleep [...]

Bedtime Books For Kids

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Good Night Sleep Site is proud to be partnering with Scholastic Canada so that we can bring you a fantastic selection of books for kids to read as part of your bedtime or nap time routine.  Our #BringBackBedtime initiative is all about building a quality bedtime routine for everyone in the family and to slow [...]