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Top 5 Most Common Sleep Issues in Toddler Years

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We’ve got a whole section on the Good Night Sleep Site website dedicated to toddler sleep. Why? Because getting through the baby phase certainly doesn’t mean all your sleep issues disappear! Far from it, actually. In fact, some of the toughest sleep challenges can happen in those toddler years (see 18 month regression), even if [...]

Most Popular Sleep Resources That Helped You Sleep Better in 2018

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In 2018, the Good Night Sleep Site team continued to grow and so did the support, resources and sleep help we were able to offer our clients and our community. We continue to be grateful for all of you who use Good Night Sleep Site as a resource for your family’s sleep health. Based on [...]

Most Popular Posts to Sleep Better in 2017

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Thank you for using Good Night Sleep Site as a resource for your family's sleep health. We strive to offer a variety of content that can help babies, little kids, big kids and adults sleep better and achieve better overall health. We are so pleased to know that so many families rely on Good Night Sleep [...]

Thinking of Making a Nap Transition?

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To transition or not transition, that is very frequently the question.  Whether it be dropping the catnap, transitioning from two naps per day to one, or moving away from naps altogether, my advice is always to be thoughtful in your approach and patient with the process, whichever nap transition it may be. As a parent, [...]

Help Your Child Sleep Better at Daycare

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To help keep your baby or toddler on a regular sleep routine, everyone needs to be on board. Parents need to work with childcare providers so that they are aware of your usual routine and attempt to maintain it as much as possible. This will really help your child sleep better at daycare. We know that [...]

Getting Through A Toddler Sleep Strike

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Often we see toddler sleep regressions happen to even the best of sleepers. When clients contact me regarding the toddler sleep strike happening at home, I first make sure sleep basics are being promoted. […]

Toddler Sleep Help: Is it okay to use a night light?

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Wondering if It's Okay to Use a Night Light for Your Toddler? It’s night time. You’re in a deep slumber. Your child is sleeping soundly. All is right with the world. Or so you thought. If you’ve ever been woken in the middle of the night by a scared child, you may have asked yourself [...]

Getting Your Baby Ready for the Spring Time Change

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Is Your Baby Sleep Ready for the Spring Time Change? The Spring time change is approaching and we move our clocks forward by one hour. Instead of rejoicing about more daylight and the fact that winter is almost over, parents everywhere await the horror. Yes, just when you have your baby on a great sleep [...]

Four C’s of Setting Limits – Banish Toddler Bedtime Sleep Struggles

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We’ve dealt with the biggies in Part 1 and 2 of Toddler Sleep Help. Part 3 will be discussing how we need to set limits with your toddler while implementing what I have already discussed. Setting limits can be the biggest struggle and for most of my parents toddler bedtime sleep struggles can be hard! I often ask parents to step back and [...]

Toddler Sleep Help – How to Sleep Through The Night

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In Part 1 of Toddler Sleep Help I discussed the importance of early bedtimes and bedtime routines. Important components in healthy toddler sleep. Part 2 of our discussion will be focused on what happens with your child once you leave the room. Associations like the pacifier, sleeping in his bed, him sleeping in yours, and rocking him until [...]