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How to Help Your Child Sleep During the Christmas Holiday

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  It can be difficult to accommodate your normal sleep routine with the hustle and bustle of Christmas. The busy holidays are approaching and I get it. I have 3 kids and I struggle with the same issues as you. Over scheduled sleep deprived children leads to meltdowns and Grinch like behavior. With just a [...]

Our Favourite Travel Sleep Products

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It's always best to be prepared when travelling with your little one and restful sleep when away is one thing you want to make sure you pack for. A common question we are asked by parents is "how can we make sleep better for our children when we are away?" The best travel sleep products [...]

How Your Family Can Sleep Better When Traveling

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Knowing how to sleep better when traveling is key in your next successful family trip. It can be tough to stay well-rested while traveling with your family. A change in your childs sleep environment and routine along with missed naps and bedtimes can lead to sleep debts for all. It's much easier to sleep better when [...]

Sleep and Your Baby This Holiday Season

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Holiday plans are underway and while you are planning travel, accommodations, and Holiday excursions, you should also be scheduling in some sleep time for your baby.  I know keeping your child well-rested during the busy Holiday season can be a concern but it doesn’t have to be.  You can still deck-the-halls and protect your little [...]