It’s simple really. A good night’s sleep starts at bedtime.

In today’s fast-paced always-connected society we are forever rushing through the moments with our kids, our partners, and ourselves. It’s not often that we make a solid effort in slowing down and connecting with those around us, removing the distractions of life and bringing it back to the basics: communication, touch, and simply being present in the moment. Instead, we are rushing through bedtimes with the kids only to crawl into bed ourselves once we reach the point of pure exhaustion – often without our partners by our side.

What if I told you that there is a moment in the day where you can slow down and build that necessary attachment with your child or reconnect with your loved one? What if I told you this could be done while also promoting healthier sleep for your entire family?

It’s time to #BringBackBedtime

The #BringBackBedtime initiative is a long-term movement to increase public awareness of the importance of re-establishing a bedtime routine between parent and child, parent and parent, and the individual to better connect and build attachment with our loved ones while at the same time, promoting proper sleep hygiene for the entire family.

#BringBackBedtime focuses on the importance of the bedtime routine and the initiatives objectives are to:

• Reconnect the parent and child throughout the day and build a relationship of better communication and attachment.
• Re-establishing the parent-to-parent communication, affection, and wellness, promoting a healthy relationship between partners and for the individual.
• Increase the rate of entire family units who get healthy age appropriate sleep.

Studies show us then when our children have a more consistent bedtime routine they fall asleep easier, sleep better throughout the night, and even display better behavior throughout the day. Whether we stay at home or work outside the house, it can be difficult to provide our little ones the attention they need all the time. Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to give that quality time that both parent and child need. Good Night Sleep Site has amazing free resources and fun ideas to experience with your child at bedtime and help keep that solid bedtime routine in place.

Ask yourself – when is the last time you went to bed at the same time as your partner? Beginning the bedtime routine of going to bed together provides the opportunity to reconnect when our days are busy. Establishing a healthy bedtime routine as a couple and as individuals is imperative in attaining a good night’s sleep. Good Night Sleep Site has free tools and ideas that you can use to help establish a stronger connection with your loved one and build a solid bedtime routine promoting proper restorative for yourself.

Please take time in viewing our free resources our Good Night Sleep Site family has created for yours. It’s time to #BringBackBedtime.

Good Night Sleep Site is asking you to join our movement to #BringBackBedtime. It’s during bedtime that we can connect and build attachment with our loved ones while at the same time, promoting proper sleep hygiene for the entire family.

Are you ready to join the movement?