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It’s a fact. A well-rested employee makes a more efficient and productive employee. An investment in getting your employees better rested will be one you won’t regret. Contact Good Night Sleep Site to discuss our Corporate Sleep Seminars and Lunch and Learns. We can discuss both child and/or adult sleep and work towards total wellness for your entire staff.


Good Night Sleep Site can provide sleep education to suit any business size. Whether it’s at your company’s next organized lunch and learn or through your corporations EAP. Employee Assistance Programs benefit the mental health and wellness of your employees. Join leaders in Risk Management and Health Strategies and Solutions who have hired Good Night Sleep Site’s sleep consultants to join their EAP programs for their clients.

Let your Health and Wellness Advisory Committee know about Good Night Sleep Site and how we can help you and your employees.

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*Those who offered sleep health programming and services reported:

  • Fewer instances of employees sleeping on the job: 35% of HR leaders whose organizations did not offer professional sleep health programming reported employees sleeping on the job whereas only 28% of HR leaders whose organizations offered such resources reported employees sleeping on the job.

  • Fewer reports of negative impact on productivity: Organizations that specically offered training programs on sleep health and services saw a reduced impact of sleep deficiency on productivity (73% versus 62%).




Our seminars and lunch and learns include information and advice on the following:

Option 1: New Parents

  • Expectations on baby to preschool sleep needs.
  • When and how to choose the right method of sleep training for your family.
  • Safe sleep for baby.
  • Setting up your environment for sleep success.
  • Managing sleep associations.
  • Taming toddler bedtimes battles.
  • Handouts and FREE Tricks of The Sleep Trade e-book as added resource.

“I am so happy to say he had two 1.5 hour naps today! I’m not sure what has happened to my boy but I’m loving it! Thanks to Good Night Sleep Site! I heard so many of good tips yesterday and I put them to use.”

“I was at your seminar yesterday. I followed your advice and no battle, and he slept 11 hours! Awesome advice, thank you!”

Option 2: Adult Sleep Needs

  • Expectations on adult sleep needs. Identify the behavioural factors that affect good sleep, and analyze their individual sleep habits and issues.
  • Develop strategies for ensuring quality sleep, including how to develop proper sleep hygiene, which will help you sleeping longer and more restoratively.
  • The role of CBT-I and steps you can take to improve your sleep.
  • Identify the emotional factors that affect good sleep, and explain affirmation, mindful, and breathing exercises that can help.
  • Discuss two leading sleep disorders – Sleep Apnea and Insomnia.

Good Night Sleep Site will customize each workshop to suit your employees needs.

“Alanna, I can’t thank you enough for speaking to us last week. The conversations around the “office water cooler” has now changed from ‘what show did you watch last night?’ to ‘what time did you go to bed at?’ We’ve even started your 7-Day Sleep Cleanse and turned it into an office poll. Good Night Sleep Site‘s lunch and learn was one of the largest in attendance we’ve ever had and your message hit home to many of us. Incorporating your sleep health suggestions will make my team stronger and better prepared for 2016, and I believe give us an edge over the competition! Thank you again for your guidance and education!”

“I had the pleasure of booking Alanna to speak at BlissDom Canada this past year. Her open, anecdotal delivery of essentials for good sleep and good health left the audience motivated, informed and ready to tackle the world. She is eloquent in her speaking and passionate about her business, both which are incredibly engaging when watching her. I would highly recommend booking Alanna to speak at your next event.” – Jennifer Powell, Owner, Blissdom Canada

Option 3: Product/Service Launch Employee Enhancement

Are you planning a new product or service launch internally for your employees and are looking for a creative addition to your launch? Nothing draws attendance better than complimentary wellness education like a free sleep clinic. Invite Good Night Sleep Site to your next corporate function and allow us to customize the best activities and booth ideas for your specific business event.

Better sleep for your employees is a game changer for your business plan. Contact Good Night Sleep Site for more information.



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If you’ve used Good Night Sleep Site’s services or have been referred to us from a past client please feel free to include our information to your company’s wellness programs and contacts. We would greatly appreciate it and would be happy to assist you with your sleep needs.