Erin Oliveira is certified Sleep Consultant and mother of an out-going little girl, and most recently, a baby boy. She has a university degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology and has spent many years working with small children.

Once her daughter was born, Erin became particularly interested in learning about infant and toddler sleep patterns. She was very surprised that none of her prenatal classes or doctors visits had provided any real guidance in terms of sleep for her daughter and she started researching the internet and reading books on baby’s sleep.

Through the knowledge gained from her research and her ECE background, she was able to guide many other moms to help their babies sleep better and she decided to attend the Family Sleep Institute and become a Certified Sleep Consultant and a trained Good Night Sleep Site Educator.

When Erin isn’t helping families get the sleep they need, she can be found watching soccer, reading books with her little girl, camping in Northern Ontario, or playing with her swimming-obsessed Portuguese Water Dog.