Sometimes we need our little ones to share a room because of space, sometimes we just want them to and sometimes they want to.  Any way that it may come about, you might just run into a time when you consider your little ones sharing a room.

My clients are often asking about room sharing. When can they do it? How can they make it a successful experience? From a professional point of view, I can give some great advice to make it successful.  But here is the deal, I haven’t done it yet, but I plan on it.   We even purchased our older son’s big kid bed with room sharing in mind.

I wanted to give my readers, my clients and myself some experienced advice, so I looked to my village. I interviewed two amazing moms.  These are moms that I trust, who have both successfully room shared. Their kids are well rested and have healthy sleeping habits.  I go to these moms often, for parenting advice and sometimes just a listening ear. No matter the subject, they always give great advice.  I feel honored that they were willing to take part in these interviews with me, so that I can share them with you.

Before we go to their interviews, I wanted to just share some tips with you that will help room sharing to be successful:

  1. Ensure that your little ones are on an age appropriate schedule and are getting the rest that they need.
  2. Make the transition fun. Involve them in decorating (if they are old enough).
  3. Set some clear and defined boundaries for sleep (if they are in big kid beds).
  4. Use some simple consequences and rewards for following or not following the rules.

One extra tip:

If your older child is not ready for a big kid bed yet, get another crib.  It is best to try to hang on as long as you can to move your child to a big kid bed until you can discuss sleep rules with them and feel confident that they can remember to follow them.

Jess, is a mom of twins (a boy and girl) and an older brother (17 months age difference). They are now 5 and 4 years old.  At first, her twins shared a room. Now, her boys are sharing a room.  Jess and her family currently reside near Washington, DC. You’ll find more info about Jess and her family’s sleep in her interview.

Click here for Jess’ Interview


Sarah, is a mom of three; two girls and a boy (currently 6, 4 & 2).  Her girls have shared a room since her second was born.  Sarah and her family live in Orlando, FL. More details about Sarah and how her girls have shared a room through the years in her interview.

Click here for Sarah’s Interview

Have confidence that there can be great success in siblings sharing a room. With great sleeping habits, they can and will get used to each other. Not only is it possible for them to be able to get the rest that they need while sharing a room, they may actually grow up with wonderful memories.

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