You might have heard once or twice: “Keep your baby up and he will sleep later.”  Have you tried it?  Does it work?  It may just be giving you the opposite of your desired effect.  Is he or she waking earlier? Perhaps before 6:00 am?

An early bedtime is key for our little one’s health, well-being AND the ability to sleep longer in the morning.  As is an age appropriate schedule.

The early bedtime is one big piece to the puzzle of helping your little one to get the rest that they need.

  • It can help to solve early mornings.
  • It can help to solve night wakings.
  • It can even help to lengthen naps.
If you  are struggling with sleep and you haven’t tried an early bedtime yet,
it might be worth a shot.

Some reasons why early bedtimes are so important:

  1. Sleep = sleep. The more sleep our children get, the more that they will sleep.   When our kids are overtired it is too hard to fall asleep and stay asleep without some help or at all.
  2. Our children have internal biological clocks. There are specific times of the day where our kids get better rest than other times of the day.  This is exponentially true with the first hours of the night.  From the time that you put them to bed until midnight is the most restorative sleep that they get in a 24 hour period.  A later bedtime is taking away from this precious sleep.

For Working Parents:

I understand with working parents, an early bedtime can be difficult.  There are some steps that you can take to help move your evening along so that you can help your child get to bed sooner.  Here are some ideas for those who are struggling with just how you can make the early bedtime happen:

  1. Plan meals ahead: Crock pot meals so that there is less to do when you get home from work, or have a separate meal prepared for the little ones at an earlier time.
  2. Plan for bedtime the night before: lay out their PJs, bath towel and bedtime books for tomorrow, tonight.
  3. Put into place a great bedtime routine: a good routine should only last about 30 minutes.  You can even cut that short if you are running a bit behind on bedtime.

Whatever sleep struggles you may be experiencing, an early bedtime might just help your little one to sleep a bit better.  If you continue to struggle, the Good Night Sleep Site team is always here to support and guide you on the path to a better night’s sleep for all.

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