Moving and Your Child’s Sleep

Moving.  No one likes moving.  If you are thinking about moving or already have a move scheduled you are probably also thinking about the massive change that is for your kids.  In such a change, we as parents want to do as much as we can not to tip the scale too much for our little ones. Part of how we keep our little ones well balanced is to keep them well rested.

My family just moved across town, and as you might guess, their sleep is very important to me.  I strategized our move so that we could still honor as much of their sleep as possible.  I would rather use the 80/20 rule to miss out on some sleep for something fun.  So, I thought I would share some of my tips with you:

Plan Ahead:

  • When interviewing movers, something to keep in mind is the time that they can move. I scheduled our movers on both ends to arrive at the beginning of nap time.  This way the kids slept through ½ of the move on each end.  We also moved over two separate days so that we did not cut into bedtime.


  • To encourage great sleep, we need to keep our kids sleeping environment in mind. Try keep important items in their room for as long as possible.  Their beds, blackout curtains and sound machines were the very last items to be packed.  We had boxes ready for those items so that when they woke from their nap it was easy to pack them and allow the movers to move them.
  • Think about their sleep environment on the second half of the move. Pack their favorite sleep items, sheets, pack-n-play and some sort of item to darken their new sleep environment. Tip: black garbage bags and tape do the job well!  My blog about Sleeping Well Away From Home will give some more tips.

On Move Day:

  • Try to move as much as you can away from their rooms. Boxes were the first to be packed on the truck.  Bring as many boxes to the garage (or away from the kids rooms) as possible.  We had 50% of the boxes in the garage and 50% in the living room. The movers did not even come inside for 1.5 hours! That is a win for naps!
  • Extra white noise will be helpful. Add a fan to the hall by the kids rooms to help block out some of the noise.


  • Try to relax. Moving is stressful enough as it is.  If they nap well – awesome!  If they don’t, it will be ok.  You can always make up for lost sleep with an early bedtime or two.

I hope you enjoy your new home!


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*based in Orlando, FL, but work remotely with families
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Jennie Clarke is a Certified Sleep Consultant in Orlando, FL with Good Night Sleep Site and mother to two boys. Jennie became certified through the Family Sleep Institute after having worked with a Good Night Sleep Site consultant for her first child. After seeing great results, Jennie decided to share her new found passion about sleep with other families to help them see the same successes that she did. Jennie can help families reach their sleep goals in Central Florida and beyond. When not helping families Jennie enjoys spending time with all three of the boys in her life.