Sleep Solutions When Visiting Family


Are you visiting family in the near future? Visiting family and honoring your child’s sleep can be challenging. Inevitably your child’s sleep environment will change, their schedule might get interrupted, and frankly, sleeping your whole family at someone else’s home can be awkward.

The last thing that we need when we stay with family is to feel uncomfortable and stressed. There is a fine balance in respecting the ins and outs of the home your are visiting, and honoring your child’s sleep. Who knew it could be complicated?!….

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Jennie Clarke is a Certified Sleep Consultant in Orlando, FL with Good Night Sleep Site and mother to two boys. Jennie became certified through the Family Sleep Institute after having worked with a Good Night Sleep Site consultant for her first child. After seeing great results, Jennie decided to share her new found passion about sleep with other families to help them see the same successes that she did. Jennie can help families reach their sleep goals in Central Florida and beyond. When not helping families Jennie enjoys spending time with all three of the boys in her life.