What is on your goal list for 2019? Is helping your child sleep better on that list.  Have no fear, I’ve got you covered.  I’ve compiled the top 7 posts from 2018 to help your child (and you) sleep better in 2019. There’s a little something for everyone.

7.  Potty Training and SleepPotty Training and Sleep

“Potty training is a fun, messy and exciting milestone in a child’s life, but it can be tough when it comes to sleep. However, going diaper free is fantastic for all parents out there – freedom! But hang on a minute, don’t throw the diapers out just yet.  I’d like to help you protect sleep while potty training.”  Read more here.

6. When Your Child Is Sick Or Teething

“A great sleeper can be thrown off by being sick or is teething.  I have spoken to many families who start the conversation with “It all started when he got sick,” or “She was a great sleeper and then two teeth came in at once.”  Yes it can happen, a great sleeper can become a not so great sleeper.  I will help you avoid this struggle and help with how to help your child through illness and teething, as it pertains to sleep.” Read more here.

5. Tips To Keep Your Toddler From Climbing Out Of The Crib

“For the love of all things sleep. Why did my toddler decide that climbing out of the crib was a good idea? Your toddler too?! I can’t help but wonder… Are they protesting sleep? Stalling? Or perhaps curious of the world outside of the crib? It’s not only frustrating, but I think we can all agree that it’s dangerous for our children too.

So is it time for a toddler bed? Not so fast!” Read more here.


4. Reasons To Hire A Certified Sleep Consultant

Hire Sleep Consultant“You’ve been searching the internet or reading book after book for the answers to your child’s sleep struggles and you came across the title “Sleep Consultant” and wondered if you should hire a Sleep Consultant.  What’s different in hiring a sleep consultant than reading a book or searching through blogs or  threads on the internet? Why is it better? Is it worth the money? I know, because I did the same search myself years ago.” Read more here.


3. All About The Toddler Clock

“What are your thoughts on a toddler clock? Some of you may say: “All hail the toddler clock!”, some may say “I tried one, but it did not work.” some may say “what is a toddler clock?” I say: get one, use it and introduce it properly and it will be one of your favorite sleep tools for your toddler.” Read more here.


2. Tips For A Successful Crib To Bed Transition

“So you’re thinking it might be time to make the move to a big kid bed? To have a successful transition to a bed from a crib you’ll need to ensure that that you have a few things in order first.” Read more here.


Drum roll, please……The #1 post for 2018 was…..

(you may not be surprised 😉 ).


1. Why Are Naps Such A Struggle?  – How To Help Your Child Take Great Naps

“Oh naps, why do you have to be such a struggle?!  Our children, after 4 months of age need 1 – 3 predictable and restorative naps to get through the day well. However, they prove to be a hard to obtain the length and quality of sleep that is needed.  They are though, extremely important for our little one’s health and well being. It it is vital that we work to get on a proper naps schedule after 4 months of age and instill some great napping habits.” Read more here.


I hope that you’ve found something here that will help your child and your family to sleep better in 2019.  As always, though, the Good Night Sleep Site team is here to help you reach your sleep goals.  Please reach out if you feel like you need further support.  We will help you get there!


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