Sleep Truths, Not Beliefs

The minute we announce pregnancy, we receive advice. While it is well-meaning, some of these pieces of advice can confusing and some just might not work. I’m just gonna say it: there are sleep truths and there are sleep beliefs. We want the truth!

The amount of information out there about sleep is insurmountable. The advice you will get will be confusing. The internet is confusing, one page says one things and the other page says the opposite. I am sure that you have heard adages like: “never wake a sleeping baby,” or ones of the like. So, how do you know what is true and what is not. Let’s break down some of the things you may have heard:

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About the Author:

Jennie Clarke is a Certified Sleep Consultant in Orlando, FL with Good Night Sleep Site and mother to two boys. Jennie became certified through the Family Sleep Institute after having worked with a Good Night Sleep Site consultant for her first child. After seeing great results, Jennie decided to share her new found passion about sleep with other families to help them see the same successes that she did. Jennie can help families reach their sleep goals in Central Florida and beyond. When not helping families Jennie enjoys spending time with all three of the boys in her life.