We are on our way into a new decade, and for many sleep was a priority in 2019.  If sleep is topping the charts for your new year’s resolutions this year and you are looking to help your baby or child sleep better this year, I have got tips for you!  I’ve rounded up the most popular sleep blogs from this year.  Take a look below, there is something for everyone – from babies to toddlers to children.


Trade Bedtime Battles for Bedtime Bliss

“One of the sleep struggles I hear most about (aside from short naps and night wakings) is parents struggling with bedtime battles.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Your toddler is fighting bedtime and tells you that they don’t want to go to bed.  Your child needs to go to the potty every-single-night after lights out.  She is calling out for more water, a snack, to have her blanket fixed. He is in his room, playing with toys, jumping on the bed – anything but sleep.  He needs you to lay with him until he falls asleep and / or any time he wakes in the night.

If any of those sound familiar, your child is battling bedtime. I have good news for you though, it does not have to be this way.  It can be easy and dare I say, blissful.  OK maybe not blissful like sitting on the beach in Hawaii, but it can be SO much easier.

Put a few things in place and you will reach the bedtime Shangri-la.  Let’s pull it all together:”

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4 Signs of An Overtired Child and How You Can Help

“Have you ever gone to bed later than your normal bedtime and struggled to fall asleep? It is normal to have a hard time falling asleep when we are overtired.  The same is true for our children.  It is much tougher for our kids to fall asleep when they are overtired.

It is always best if we can catch our little ones before they become overtired and you can do that by looking out for their sleepy cues.  However, sometimes it is inevitable. We might miss those sleepy cues or we might have had an active day and the overtired stage comes more quickly than we’d expect.  Also, sometimes if our kids are not on enough or at the right times, they can be overtired more often than not. How do you know if your child is overtired? What signs are you looking for and how can you help?”

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Help! How Can I Help My Child Through This Sleep Regression?

“A sleep regression can be terribly frustrating. One day you have a great sleeper and the next you may feel like you don’t. Have no fear, you can get through this! Here’s how:

The thing about sleep regressions is that they all have one thing in common: they are caused by something your child is learning.  Well, that is good news, right?  Yes, it is. It is fun to watch our kids learn and grow, but when it gets in the way of sleep what do you do?”

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Sleep Tips for Working Parents

“I talk to parents daily who struggle with finding the balance of work, time with their kids and honoring the sleep their child needs.  The struggle is real!

The reality of both caregivers working, can mean later bedtimes than desired, and daycare can mean fewer or less restorative naps than desired. This makes it tougher to give babies and children the rest that their little bodies desperately need.

This however, does not mean that it just is what it is and you are bound to have a tired child.  There are things that you can do to help them with their sleep.  Here’s how you can help:”

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Feeling Trapped by the Nap?: 5 Tips That Will Help

“As you may have noticed, babies need a lot of sleep – A LOT!  When they are newborns they can sleep anywhere and seem not to be disturbed by noise or light.  This starts to change as they get a bit older and a sleep conducive environment becomes important.  BUT, they still need a lot of sleep.  This can make parents feel like they are stuck at home, thus trapped by the nap.

I have been down this road twice with my own kids.  I also talk about this often with my clients.  Honoring the sleep our babies need is a bit of a sacrifice of freedom to go anywhere at anytime.  It is though, important for our children’s health and growth.

So how can we find that balance where they get the rest that they need and we can get out a bit?  This here is the question I will answer for you:”

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A Guide: How to Dress Baby and Toddler for Sleep

“A question I am asked often from my clients is: “How do I dress my baby (or toddler) for sleep?”  This question pops up more often in the change of seasons.  Below you will find a simple guide for recommendations in what baby and toddler should wear when they go to bed, based on the temperature of the house, while also practicing safe sleep.”

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These were the most popular blogs from 2019.  However, there are a lot more where these came from. You can always stay up to date by following along with our monthly newsletters.

If you are struggling with sleep and need further support and guidance, the Good Night Sleep Site team is always here to help you reach your sleep goals. You can do this! Your child can do this! Sleep can be in the plan for 2020…just choose it!


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