You are tired! You’re not getting the sleep you need and neither is your child.  You want to sleep train, but wonder; “When is the right time to sleep train?”

5 years ago, I was in this place.  I had a 5 month old who was waking every two hours in the night.  He was only taking two 30 minute naps in the day.  He would only fall asleep nursing and would only stay asleep if I laid next to him and didn’t move an inch. Ugh!

I spent my days and nights working to help him sleep only to not succeed, at least for any lasting time.  I would get him to sleep, only for him to wake shortly thereafter.  I would then start the cycle of working to help him sleep again.  In all of this neither of us were really sleeping and exhausted. I was lost on what to do.

In our case, I had reached my breaking point. We hired a Certified Sleep Consultant.  I was frankly too tired to go it alone. She helped us to create the right plan for our son that I was comfortable implementing and supported us through the process. In a week’s time, he was sleeping through the night.  In two week’s time, he was taking 4-5 hours worth of naps in the day. We were all getting sleep!

So, you’re tired and you are looking to sleep train, either on your own or with support and a plan from a Certified Sleep Consultant – but when is the right time? Here are a few things to consider:

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Have you reached your breaking point?

Are you ready?

Is your child ready?

Is it the right timing?