Baby and Toddler Sleep Packages

Hire a Good Night Sleep Site Sleep Consultant and help your family become the well-rested family unit you are meant to be. Our phone/skype/face-time baby and toddler sleep packages are the perfect personal consultation. When you are feeling stuck and at a complete loss, whether it’s with day and night time sleep or a specific area of sleep (bed-time battles, nap issues, night waking, etc.), our phone baby and toddler sleep packages are the ones for you.

“Thank you Good Night Sleep Site for giving us confidence in our daughter’s ability when it came to sleep. It was reassuring to know what she was capable of. We are thrilled with how quickly she responded to the schedule & how fast she adapted to her crib. It’s been a little over a week and her overnight sleep is amazing and her naps have already lengthened. We are all better rested! Thanks again!”

Your Personal Customized Sleep Plan

During our One Hour Phone Sleep Consultation we will discuss in detail the sleep issues you have been facing and ask specific questions, listening and analyzing your sleep issues. Your 100% customized Good Night Sleep Plan will be discussed at this point, and we will explain it to you so that you feel confident and knowledgeable about implementing it. You will hang up the phone with a sleep plan that you can implement right away and have the support that will help you succeed in obtaining healthy sleep for your entire family. A small investment in your families sleep health.

All Good Night Sleep Plans Include:

  • Analysis and assessment of your child’s sleep environment.
  • Age appropriate schedule and routine for both daytime and nighttime sleep. Chosen client approved method, one that works with parents comfort level and child’s personality and temperament.
  • Education and support to guide and coach you throughout the process.

All Consultations Include:

  • Family Sleep Questionnaire – Once you have placed your order, you will be directed to our Sleep Questionnaire for you to fill out to get things started. Our questionnaire will include information and history of your child’s sleep issues, your overall sleep goals and what you expect from the Good Night Sleep Site. Upon receiving it back from you completely filled out, we will assess and analyze your information, and within 24 hours we will email you to arrange a convenient time for our initial 60-minute consultation as well as email you our Welcome Package.
  • Good Night Sleep Plan – Following our hour consult we will email you your written 100% customized Good Night Sleep Plan for you and your child.
  • Ongoing Support – Follow-up phone calls (15 minutes each), emails, and a daily online sleep log are included in all consultations. Having close contact and support during this time is one of the most important things you can have to get you through this stage. We go above and beyond offering support to our moms and dads. That is an aspect of Good Night Sleep Site we take very seriously and one we pride ourselves in.
  • Your Good Night “Tricks of the Sleep Trade” Handbook, which includes:
    • What to do when your child is teething, sick, or working on a new developmental milestone.
    • Transitioning naps from two to one to none.
    • How to keep your child from climbing out of the crib.
    • Transitioning your little one from crib to bed.
    • Dealing with both the Spring and Fall time change.
    • Travelling with your little one.
    • And a Good Night BONUS – Gear, Gadgets, and Sleep.

Please Note:

  • All appointments are scheduled within 48 to 72 hours after receiving your completed Sleep Questionnaire. Book your consultation today!
  • If you are seeking advice for more than one child we ask that you do a separate consult, with the exception of multiples.
  • Good Night Sleep Site will make all long distance calls. If you are international we will gladly call you.

“I was at the end of my rope with my daughters sleeping habits, she choose to sleep on me instead of her crib. I had tried everything I could possibly think of with the end result being failure. I was referred to Good Night Sleep Site and it was the best call and money I had ever spent. After our first conversation I already felt better and new it wasn’t my fault I just didn’t have the tools or know how. Good Night Sleep Site’s support and sleep plan had my daughter sleeping within a week. If anyone is having problems with their little ones please don’t hesitate and get the help you need, you won’t be sorry….”