When we were little we would wake up on Easter Sunday, have an Easter egg hunt and once we were done we would search for our basket full of goodies.  I can smell Spring when I think about those mornings… I can also smell the soft rubber skipping rope – in pink or orange (I am giving away my age now) and picture the bubbles, chalk etc.  We couldn’t wait to get outside and play!  My Mom kept the egg hunt tradition alive even after we moved out; in fact, I am pretty sure we had an egg hunt up until they had grandkids a few years ago.

What Will the Easter Bunny Bring?


I have little kids now and we have been doing the egg hunts for the past few years and giving them things to enjoy outside as well.  After I picked up some bubbles and sidewalk chalk yesterday, I asked some local mamas for additional ideas… here they are:


Easter Basket Goodies:
Bathing suit & water shoes
A new summer outfit
Hula hoop
Skipping rope
Sidewalk Chalk
Sand toys

Filling the Plastic Eggs:
Jelly Beans
Animal cookies
Money for their piggy banks
Hot Wheel cars
For the baby/toddler – little socks
Toddler puff snacks
Cereal – O’s

“What will the Easter Bunny bring your little ones this year?”

Here are a few of the answers from the mommy board:

“This year we found these cute seed growing kits packaged in egg cartons”

“You could put little notes and clues in the plastic eggs to lead to a bigger Easter treat at the end”

“I remember always getting a new outfit. It was a pretty dress with a hat and gloves. I loved waking up on Easter morning and seeing my new party dress. I’ve never been able to find those kind of hats or gloves.”

“The bunny usually brings a sand bucket instead of an Easter basket, some kind of outdoor toy (maybe bubbles), chocolate bunny, and an egg hunt of course.

“A new bedtime story (Easter bunny paw patrol book!)” – I have to find this for my son as well.

“My boys are getting a picnic table to share, as well as a new outfit and a small egg hunt.

“A new wagon to enjoy this summer”

“I am going to fill plastic eggs with pieces of a puzzle – once he collects them all he will have the whole thing”


However you celebrate Easter, have fun!


What Will the Easter Bunny Bring?