I love sleep sacks. I didn’t use one with my first, but with my second I do. When people ask me “should I use a sleep sack?”, I tell them it is a personal preference (like everything else), your baby can sleep without it, but I do like them and here is why:


Once you baby can roll over, you need to stop swaddling so that she can use her arms. If you are using a blanket then you will quickly see that the blanket does not stay in one place – because your baby is rolling and moving all around. A sleep sack stays where it should and you don’t need to worry about going in to cover her throughout the night.

Tip! Be sure to buy the right size of sleep sack. If you are unsure, talk to someone at the store and try it on. The armholes should fit and not slide down around her arms.



Bedtime cue:

Putting on the sleep sack before bedtime signals to your baby’s brain that it is time to sleep. It is a great cue and will help her body get ready for sleep. While some babies might fuss a little when you start using it, they will stop once they get used to it.


Reduces the need for bumpers:

Some babies like to stick their legs through the crib rails – and some do it by accident. Breathable bumpers can be used to help stop this, but I find a sleep sack works well too! There is often too much material to be able to put a full leg through the crib rail.

 Getting Ready to Transition from Crib to "Big Kid Bed": Part 1

Helps to delay the crib to bed transition:

Because of the room in the legs, it is very hard to lift a knee up and over the crib rail. While babies do learn to stand and walk in sleep sacks, they don’t often try to escape the crib.

Tip! If you are worried about your baby standing and walking in the sleep sack, look for one with feet holes. It still has a smaller leg width, making it harder to lift those legs over the crib.