Being a parent is hard. We wonder if our baby is eating enough, sleeping enough, sleeping too much, being held enough, being held too much, eating enough, eating too much – I know you understand! For the first few months, babies often feed on demand, and amounts can vary. As they get older, their feedings tend to space out a little and they consume more at each feed. This is great because it helps to set the tone of their day; feeding and sleeping becomes more predictable. It doesn’t meant that the worries go away though. One question I get asked a lot is:

“How much formula should my _______ month old have each day?”

I found this wonderful article from



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Can I follow the same guideline if pumping breastmilk?

Unfortunately, you cannot. I called the nurse to ask this question for a client of mine, and I was told that because breastmilk is different for everyone, they cannot give us an exact amount. Babies will drink what they need, and leave what the don’t, so you can use this as a bit of a starting point, but don’t be too worried if your baby doesn’t finish the whole bottle – or is asking for more when it is finished.


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