Your two year old was a great sleeper! Recently he is taking more than one hour to fall asleep at night. You’ve tried earlier bedtimes and later bedtimes and nothing is making a difference. Sometimes he is happily chatting away and other nights he protests hard about going into his crib. This is normal, this is common and this will pass.


Why is this happening?


Around two years of age we often see kids working on sentences and songs and really working on saying so many new words. As with other developmental milestones, babies like to practice when they are shut off from the world – sleep time. Some babies will practice during naptime and others practice at the start of the night.


What can I do to help?


Be consistent with your routine. When it first happens, parents often go in to try and find out what is wrong or try to help their toddler to sleep. This can confuse your baby though – especially if you haven’t been helping them to sleep up until now.


If your little one is healthy then leave him. Let him work through this and listen in on the monitor if you want! It can be cute to hear the phrases that they are working on. My niece once spent 2 hours saying “how are you Carmelo” in different voices when we were babysitting because that is what we asked her to say to my husband before bed.


Don’t be tempted to make bedtime later!


If you tell anyone what is going on, someone is going to tell you to make bedtime later. I am going to disagree with this advice. If he wants to practice these new skills, stick with your regular bedtime – or make it a little earlier so that he can practice and then get some sleep! If you make it later and he practices for 1-2 hours, you are going to get into an overtired loop that you will need to fix, and the best way to help an overtired child make catch up on sleep is an earlier bedtime.