Summer is here and that means lots of celebrations and fireworks!!! Before we even start the long weekend, I see a lot of worried families commenting online about how it disrupts their baby’s sleep. I understand that. I know how frustrating it can be to finally get your little one to sleep, or to convince your older child that they can’t stay up any later, only to hear the fireworks go off shortly after that. There are a few things you can do to help protect your child’s sleep.

Stick with your regular bedtime:

If you can, go through your regular bedtime routine and have your little one in bed at her regular bedtime. This will help to ensure she gets the rest she needs and she should be in a bit of a deeper sleep when the fireworks start.

Move your white noise machine:

If you use white noise, move it to the window. It can help to create a bit of a noise buffer and drown out some of the pops of the fireworks. You don’t have to turn it full blast, it should be about the level of your bathroom fan.

TIP! Don’t have a white noise machine? Try a fan in the room to block out a little bit of the background noises. You don’t have to aim it directly at the bed, you can bounce it off a wall.

Let your child watch the fireworks with you:

If your little one wakes up and you really want her to watch the fireworks with you – go for it! Remember the 80/20 rule; enjoy the fireworks and get her back into bed when they are over.



Have fun! Don’t just sit inside and cringe overtime they fireworks go off. Take your monitor outside and enjoy them. Your little one might surprise you and sleep through them all!

Check in and console:

If your child wakes from the fireworks, give her a few minutes to see if she will fall back to sleep on her own. If not, go ahead and check on her and calm her (like you would if there was a thunderstorm) and then let her fall back to sleep.

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