Snack boards – I love them! They are an excellent idea for after school and for after naps – especially when your little one starts to skip naps! I know a few families who are planning on making these boards for the Super Bowl.

Getting Creative

I have been following a few people on Instagram who make the most amazing boards, and when Nikki from Waxology posted her Valentine’s themed board, I needed more details. How adorable is this?!



“I think 2020 will be the year of the grazing board, we’re not even a full month in and I’ve seen some amazing ones floating around. These boards are trendy and are super customizable for any occasion. I fell in love with the look of grazing boards and then quickly realized how easy to make and useful they are. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to feed and wow a crowed, and you’re only limited to your own creativity!

Setting out a large plate of communal snacks was a way I expose my picky eater to new foods in a fun and no pressure way. Family style eating gave my kid some control and helped them learn the proper portion size for how they were feeling at that particular time. It’s also kind of fun as a parent to be able to step back and watch your child’s autonomy flourish.

How to get started:

I like to begin with a large variety of fresh produce, especially things I don’t regularly buy or that are a bit of an indulgence. For me those would be cherries, when I see them in the store I have to have them! They are expensive and messy but they’re so worth it.

You can add dips for the veggies, so why not switch it up and include a sweet dip for the fruits? I’m a huge fan of chocolate hummus… I even spread it on toast or celery topped with raisins (not your mama’s ants on a log)

I generally try and include some type of food that is high in protein and fat so they stay full for a bit longer. Cheese, nuts, seeds, granola or energy bites are excellent additions.

Finally that good looking candy! This is my favourite part of the whole thing. I love seeing whats available for the current season we are in. Bulk Barn is my number one stop for all of it. Right now they have some adorable things in for Valentines Day. Look at the pinks and reds; the classics like hot lips and cinnamon hearts. By using my own containers instead of plastic bags, I’m eliminating a lot of unnecessary waste.

The sky is the limit!

Remember, you’re not only limited to snacking boards either. There are so many opportunities to include a large family style board like this. I’ve made a breakfast board packed with pancakes, waffles, fresh whipped cream, turkey sausage and loads of fresh produce. I brought a cookie board to a family function during the holidays. It served as a beautiful centrepiece and dessert as well. Have a movie night and carry the movies themes over into your snack board.


Happy eating!”

Nikki Scott is the owner of Waxology wax wraps, a wife and a mom of three boys. Follow along for her recipes and suggestions on ways to reduce waste!

*this is not a sponsored post