Coronavirus has brought us uncertain times. I reached out to Registered Psychotherapist, Satinder Brar and asked if she had any advice for us. Here’s what she had to say…

1. Don’t get sucked into overestimating the threat.⠀

Coronavirus can be dangerous, so everyone should be serious about taking reasonable precautions. But people should also understand that humans tend to exaggerate the danger of unfamiliar threats. To reduce anxiety, I suggest limiting your exposure to coronavirus news to no more than 30 minute per day.⠀

2. Don’t underestimate human resiliency.

Many people fear how they will manage if the virus shows up at their workplace, school or town. They worry about quarantines, and business closures. But research shows that people tend to overestimate how badly they will be affected by negative events and underestimate how well they will cope. Be mindful that you are more resilient than you think and it is very important to remind yourself of that.⠀

3. Practice tolerating uncertainty.⠀

Intolerance of uncertainty makes people vulnerable to anxiety. It is important to take small changes in your life to gradually face uncertainty in your daily life by easing back on certainty seeking behaviours. Start small: Don’t text a friend or google something immediately when you need an answer to a question. Go somewhere without checking the weather or traffic reports. Limit the number of times your check updates on the outbreak.⠀⠀


4. Strengthen self care.

During these anxiety provoking times, its important to remember the tried and true anxiety prevention and reduction strategies. Get adequate sleep, exercise, practice mindfulness, spend time outdoors.

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Satinder Brar is a Registered Psychotherapist with extensive experience and training in Individual, Couples and Family Therapy. Her office is conveniently located in downtown Milton.  She has been counseling individuals, couples and families for over 10 years in corporate, government and private settings.  She is a Tedx speaker and have written for local magazines. In 2018 and 2019 she was awarded the Readers Choice Award (Diamond and Gold) for best Marriage and Family Therapist in Milton.