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Kelly Kuchen

Kelly is a Certified Sleep Consultant with Good Night Sleep Site. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her three young children, husband John, and French Bulldog Tank.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado and was in the marketing world until the birth of her third child (Lolly). Becoming a mom wasn’t easy for Kelly. Her first born had severe colic often times only sleeping 45 min at a time. Desperate for answers she began to educate herself on the subject of infant sleep. She started consuming all the knowledge from every sleep book she could find. After several unsuccessful attempts to sleep train her son on her own she discovered the wonderful world of sleep consultants. Soon after hiring someone she saw immediate results and was hooked! With the birth of her second child Kelly knew right away she wanted to work with a sleep consultant to get her daughter sleeping well! Her daughter was a bit trickier though with an extremely strong personality so she did a ton of research before choosing who to work with and that is how she found Good Night Sleep Site. With the birth of her third child she had to navigate severe reflux but was able to apply what she has learned to make her a great sleeper nonetheless. Kelly then decided to make her passion a career and applied to be part of the amazing group of Good Night Sleep Site consultants. She is certified through The Family Sleep Institute and trained as a Good Night Sleep Educator. Through her experience with each of her three kids who all are very different sleepers and with different issues she loves to apply that knowledge to help families with what they may be going through.

Today she loves pursuing her passion of helping families get the sleep they need and deserve. She realizes this looks different for every family and loves to meet them where they are and help achieve what success looks like to them. Kelly continues to educate and stay current with the latest literature regarding sleep. She has seen first hand how much happier and healthier everyone is with the rest they need.

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