Paediatric Sleep Day

No one needs to convince me that well rested babies and kids are something to celebrate.  As someone who is passionate about sleep and all its benefits I think that paediatric sleep day is very exciting!  This is a celebration, on March 1, 2019, put on by the Pediatric Sleep Council in hopes to increase education about the benefits of good sleep.  The celebration also highlights reasons why parents should strive to improve their children’s sleep.

My top 5 reasons why I am celebrating Paediatric Sleep Day

  • When kids sleep well they are likely to have more stable moods.  (Find me a mom who loves an irrational 2 year old?)
  • When kids sleep well parents can focus on their own sleep needs.  A well rested mom is a happy mom!
  • When kids sleep their cognitive ability increases. School teachers are huge advocates of good sleep because they know their students are better able to process information throughout the day if they are resting well at night.
  • When kids sleep their bodies can recuperate. Sleep helps your immune system get a nice natural burst and to be able fight off illness.
  • Kids are safer when they are well rested. Over tired children have poor coordination and fine motor skills.  They are more likely to trip and slip because of their poor judgment.

If you think your kids could improve their sleep but are not sure where to start, join in on the celebration.   Check out the paediatric sleep council’s sleep day celebrations on their facebook page.  They have guest speakers and will be providing sleep information throughout the day.  You can also jump in on my sleep clinics on Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-2:30 or read through some of my blog posts linked here. These posts are full of tips and tricks on how to improve your children’s sleep.


Here are a few of my favourites for baby sleep.:


And some of my favourites for toddler sleep.

If you have school aged children or teens their sleep is just as important for all the reasons listed above!

Here are some links to great sleep tips for your older kids:

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About the Author:

Lori is a mom of 3 kids 7 and under - not 1 was naturally a good sleeper! When struggling with sleep issues with her own kids she developed a passion for learning about sleep and enrolled in the Certified Sleep Consultant program with the Family Sleep Institute. She now loves working with families to help them get the sleep that everyone needs! Lori is also a Registered Social Worker with a background in Child and Youth Development. She has worked with families in a variety of settings over her career.