Bed Wetting & Night Time Potty Issues

Bed Wetting and Night Time Potty Issues

At every age there is a new developmental milestone that can throw sleep right off track.  Potty training is a great one.  See my post on potty training and sleep.  In this post about potty training and sleep from a few years ago I spoke about not jumping into worrying about potty issues at night.

But at a certain point you inevitable will determine that your child is ready to go through the night without a diaper or pull up.  When this happens there are a few sleep issues that can jump up.  Going into those first few nights with a good plan will help ensure that there is not too much sleep loss happening.

Where is your child sleeping?

Crib: If your child is still in a crib then helping them stay dry through the night might be a bit more challenging.  IF they call you take them potty in the night you will have to have a plan to do this but don’t make a game of it or encourage them to wake and call for you throughout the night.  If your child needs to wake and pee several times in the night they may not be ready for nights without pull ups.

Bed: If they are in a toddler bed or big bed there are a few options

  • Some kids are able to get up and make their way to the bathroom independently at night and return to bed – if this is your child that is great!
  • Other kids may need to call a paretnt to help them use the bathroom at night – if you have to do this once a night it is not a big deal – if it happens multiple times per night see my note above.
  • Other kids need a gate at their door to prevent them from wandering around the house all night long. If you have the room gated I would suggest placing a potty in the bedroom.

Accidents happen!

Be prepared for accidents to happen for the first bit of time they are going to bed without a diaper.  There is a learning curve so its OK if it doesn’t go perfect at first.  To minimize the interruption to your child’s sleep in the night I suggest having some essentials on hand to make for quick night time accident clean ups.

  • lay out a change of pj’s before putting your child to bed
  • have baby wipes on hand for quick body clean up
  • ensure you have a good waterproof mattress cover on your bed.
  • Layer your bed sheets.*

*on top of your waterproof mattress cover place an incontinence pad, followed by a bedsheet with another incontinence pad on top. You are not done yet – throw one more bedsheet on the top and you are ready to go.

*We got really big incontinence pads which cover a big portion of my children’s beds.

For more information on bed wetting issues please see this post from Caring For Kids. 



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