Helping Families Bring Back Bedtime

Nicole Carpenter

Nicole Carpenter merged her background in counseling with her passion for sleep and is a Family Sleep Institute certified consultant with Good Night Sleep Site. Nicole has worked with children for most of her career and was a nanny to many great sleepers. She was humbled by her own daughter, when at 2 years old, she began to drop her nap and was waking throughout the night from being so tired.

Nicole began reading anything and everything she could about toddler sleep and implemented what she learned. She began implementing an early bedtime and allowing her daughter to “rest” rather than begin a battle over naptime. She was amazed at the changes she saw and was able to help her family get their sleep back on track.

Shortly after these improvements, Nicole became pregnant with her second child.  She wondered how she should handle the changes this would bring. More and more research led her to realize how much she enjoyed learning about sleep and she began to dream up how she could turn her passion into a way to help other families reach their sleep goals.

During the hours when Nicole is not working (or sleeping) she and her family enjoy time together exploring the city. When the kids are in bed she loves reading, working on puzzles, and trying new recipes. Her girls especially love it when she tries out new cookie recipes.

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