Coloring Before Bed – A Great Way to Relax

Coloring Before Bed_ A Great Way to Relax

A cherished pastime that begins in childhood,
Coloring has a way of changing your mood to good.
A way to relax when tensions get high,
And much healthier than a piece of apple pie.

I remember the days when I used to sit for hours and color, and now I get to sit with my children and color. It is still something that I cherish doing, even as an adult. Coloring is a great way to relax when stressed, and even wind down before bed. Here’s the good news if you are looking for something a little more advanced than character-filled coloring books…there is now a coloring book for adults!

owl, coloring

You can turn this into a family activity before or during your bedtime routine where everyone participates to promote a time to connect as a family. This could be a great individual activity if you prefer to color instead of read or do puzzles. You can let your creativity flow, and create beautiful works of art while allowing your body to ease toward a restful state.

Another advantage, no screens required! Allow your body to prepare for sleep by promoting a screen-free zone before bed, which allows your body to produce melatonin (the natural sleep hormone) and makes falling asleep easier. Check out this book called Color Me to Sleep, for an entire coloring book with more pages like this. By clicking on the link and entering the code COLORME35, you can get 35% off your own copy.

coloring book

I’d love to hear how your family incorporates coloring into your bedtime routine, and what differences you notice as you work to #BringBackBedtime in your own home.

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