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A note from Alanna, founder and senior sleep consultant:

“When we begin working together you are welcomed into the Good Night family with open arms. I respect and value that you have chosen Good Night Sleep Site to share in this experience with you and look forward to guiding you through this process. There is a reason that many clients have become friends to Good Night and have shared their experiences with you. Please take a moment to read their words. These testimonials mean the world to us.”

Alanna McGinn Sleep Counsultant

We signed up with Kim after weeks of sleepless nights with our 10 month old son. He was waking up every 45 minutes to every 2 hours and it was getting too much for my husband and I. It was also a battle getting him to nap in the day so I resigned to having him nap briefly on me most days. In only 2 days following Kim’s sleep plan, everything had turned around. She guided us through the week of training and answered my many questions every day. My son now sleeps in his crib through the night consistently and he takes two long naps a day…in his crib! I finally have time in the day to myself and we get to sleep at night! He is also much less cranky when he’s awake. And so are we! Complete success! Best money we ever invested in our child. The gift of sleep. I would definitely recommend Kim to help with infant sleeping issues. Thanks Kim, you were awesome!

Kim helped us with getting not 1, not 2 but all 3 of our kids on track to better sleep! It was extremely daunting at first, but she helped us navigate the process and was there every step of the way to offer help, encouragement and even just an ear when we needed to vent. It has been life changing (mom and dad finally have quiet evenings to ourselves now!) and we would recommend Good Night Sleep Site to anyone 🙂

When I reached out to the Good Night Sleep Site, my husband and I were emotionally and physically exhausted! For over a month, our son was waking up every 45 minutes all night long on most nights and would only nap on somebody. Usually it was taking at least half an hour to get him to sleep and often he was waking up 10 to 45 minutes later (especially if we tried to set him down). We started working with Kim and within days there was drastic improvement! Our son started falling asleep on his own, sleeping longer stretches at night and having 1 to 2 hour naps in his crib. Kim is very knowledgeable and supportive; she is also extremely responsive despite being in a different time zone than us! Kim has remained a great resource as we continue to work to get all his sleep issues sorted out. We have been very happy with our experience and highly recommend Kim.

We were having troubles breaking a rock/nurse to sleep habit with our 5 1/2 month old. We knew it was time to change the way we were doing things. Our baby was very overtired. Our sleep consultant Kim, was extremely knowledgeable and supportive. She was able to come up with a specific and easy to follow plan for us, to help teach our baby to fall asleep on her own. Within just a few days, our baby was sleeping lengthy age appropriate naps during the day and falling asleep all on her own!! It makes us so happy to see our baby looking rested during the day and sleeping 12 hours through the night. We are forever grateful for the guidance and support we received.

Kim to the rescue! She saved us all. My sweet perfect little baby decided to just no longer sleep.!! or she only slept if mom/dad held her or was in bed with us. Every response from google searches turned up unhelpful. Of course, I was hesitant to hire a consultant, but I just couldn’t spend any more time lacking sleep because I would be holding my baby to sleep. Hiring Kim was probably one of my best decisions yet!!! My kid is persistent and she fought it and every time it felt it was too difficult there was Kim helping me get through it and she had answers for everything. She kept me calm, she helped me not worry and most of all she got my kid to sleep!! My daughter now falls asleep on her own (within minutes), she sleeps 12hrs over night, she does not need me to sleep. Same with naps. She is in daycare now, and is a pro sleeper! I recommend this service to anyone looking for help. You can spend days and nights stressing out and worrying, losing sleep because your kid is struggling to sleep, or you can just hire Kim and your problem gets fixed in a couple of weeks!! I pick Kim!

“Life-changing” is what I keep calling this experience over the past two weeks! We are all FINALLY able to sleep thanks to a proper plan, advice and some friendly coaching by Kim along the way. This was exactly what we needed and we are forever grateful!

THANK YOU!! I don’t even know where to begin! We were at such a loss short 3 weeks ago and thought that our almost 4 year old would likely sleep in our bed until he’s in high school. We didn’t know where to start or what to do, to turn him back into this amazing sleeper he once was. Yes, you can read books and most people seem to tackle sleep just fine following written instructions, but with our youngest all we had ever learned about sleep fell by the way side BIG time and he was just simply loosing his mind when he woke up until we brought him into our bed every night for about a year. Hiring Kim was the best decision we’ve made regarding our family’s health and well-being, possibly ever! I was so worried about having to let him cry and just couldn’t imagine how he would ever give in and be comfortable in his bed for the entire night. Kim set up a plan for us to coach him to do just that, step by step. It was not easy and certainly tiring and I was close to giving up a few times (thanks to Kim’s encouragement I didn’t), but never ever felt like I was abandoning him.
We’ve now hit the stage of daily happy dances when everybody sleeps till the little sun comes up. I know for fact that we wouldn’t be here without Kim’s guidance and support!

We had high hopes for sleep training and we were not disappointed. Kim was a fantastic consultant and guided my family through the process with her knowledge, personal experience and positivity. Sleep is no longer a four letter word! Using the tools we’ve been given, we’re excited to continue to build on our sleep success!

Kim Valade was tremendous! We went from brain numbing exhaustion and no idea what to do to get our toddler to sleep better to ALL being happily rested and solid plan to improve sleep. Now when we have a rough night, I know just what to do! Kim helped us be consistent in our training and our toddler has responded SO well! I have already told several friends who are struggling with sleep issues to contact Good Night Sleep Site!

Kim was amazing. Hands down she changed our lives With helping assist in getting our daughter to sleep. What a night and day difference and we are so blessed. Kim was always available to us via text. And that support was surmountable during the two weeks of sleep training her. Overall me and my husband are so appreciative and happy to have had Kim help us.

Kim has now helped us sleep train both our boys! She is always wonderfully professional, a real expert in what she does, and we feel very safe with her guiding us through the process. Both my boys sleep through the night now, and take their naps on time! Life is so much better when you can go to bed without the dread of not knowing when the next kid is going to start screaming. And now I can be better rested and more energetic to chase them around in the day. Thank you again Kim!

Kim was so great to work with. She was helpful, responsive and incredibly knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She was always understanding and flexible, and I truly appreciated her honesty when it came to answering our many questions. At first we tried approaching sleep training on our own, but I found it overwhelming to wade through all the information, and I always had more specific questions that never seemed to be fully addressed in the sleep program or article I was reading through. Having Kim be there every step of the way was incredibly helpful and helped tremendously in reducing the amount of stress, confusion, and time spent trying to figure out how to sleep train our daughter. What we paid for Kim’s help was worth it for our family. We regained our sanity and our sleep!

I had started going to the weekly Sleep clinic at the Mamas office in Kelowna where I met Kim. She was always to the point and very informative. Her personal sleep story and experiences with other families made me feel comfortable that cry it out was going to be best for us. We went from very struggled naps that either happened or they didn’t and nights that were way to broken. Kim’s program had our little man sleeping solid naps and 13 hr nights in just over a week. He is happy and now falls asleep on his own at nap times. I could not be happier with how it went and even look forward to the next transition, when baby is a sleeper you feel like super mom!!! Thank Kim!

Kim was exactly what we needed to transition from co sleeping to baby M sleeping in his own crib. She was there to answer every question and offer us all the support we needed. Couldn’t have done it without her guidance.

After working with several sleep consultants to help my two-year-old daughter (who has always struggled with sleep), I was desperate. I found Kim at Good Night Sleep Site and she was a godsend. She made a full proof plan for me that I could stick to, and that fit my daughter’s needs. She was compassionate, understanding, patient, and responsive. She was everything you need in a sleep consultant and I feel so relieved to have found her.