Baby Book




Do you think you’re destined to months of no sleep after having a baby? Think again. Alanna McGinn, Founder of Good Night Sleep Site, will help you improve your baby’s sleep. She’ll be your guide in teaching your baby how to become a champion sleeper, with the same compassionate and practical wisdom she’s used to help thousands of families get better sleep.

You are the expert at your baby’s sleep.

No, really. You are.

Alanna will teach you how to use your knowledge about your baby to create a personalized sleep plan, grounded in the science of sleep.

In this book, Alanna will show you how to:

  • Debunk the myths about baby sleep that may be keeping your little one from getting the rest she needs.
  • Use the newborn weeks as the foundation for building good sleep habits.
  • Apply Alanna’s four Good Night Sleep Tools (Environment, Naps, Routine, and Method) as the basis for your baby’s sleep plan.
  • Help your baby fall asleep on her own and through the night, without your assistance.
  • Prioritize maternal and paternal mental health during your baby’s infancy.

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