Good Night Baby Sleep Program

Your Good Night Baby Sleep Program will teach your baby:

  • To be calmer and happier during that dreaded “witching hour”.
  • To learn how to fall asleep on their own, without being fed or rocked, or bounced on a ball (you know you’ve tried it!) for both naps and at bedtime.
  • To take consolidated naps throughout the day. Yes! I’m talking longer than 30-45 minutes naps per nap!
  • To sleep through the night, and when I say “sleep through” I mean to be able to fall back to sleep on their own if they wake throughout the night because we all wake throughout the night.

This detailed self-led baby sleep program covers all of our Good Night sleep tools and includes our Good Night Baby Sleep Plan for babies 4-12 months of age that includes a clear-cut plan for your baby that is easy to follow and implement and takes all the guess work out of creating your own baby sleep plan. You will become your own baby’s sleep expert and you’ll be able to teach your baby the amazing skill of independent sleep that he or she will have for a lifetime!

Throughout the Good Night Baby Sleep Program, you will be completing 5 Baby Sleep modules.

Module 1: Setting Up Your Baby’s Perfect Sleep Environment

  • How to create the right safe, conducive, and consistent sleep environment for your baby.
  • Your Quick Guide to Your Baby’s Perfect Sleep Environment

Module 2: Your Baby’s Age Appropriate Sleep Schedule

  • How many naps should your baby have?
  • How to turn your baby’s catnaps into long consolidated stretches.
  • Your baby’s age appropriate sleep schedule from 4-12 months of age.

Module 3: Your Baby’s Bedtime Routine

  • How to create the perfect soothing and attachment filled bedtime routine for you and your baby.

Module 4: Choosing the Right Sleep Training Method for Your Family

  • The real skinny on all the crying.
  • What is Self-Soothing and Can My Baby Do it?
  • 3 Good Night Sleep Training Methods that will work for your family.

Module 5: BONUS!

  • Good Night Sleep Site Handbook – Tricks of the Sleep Trade Helping Your Child Sleep Better all the way to Preschool!
    • What to do when your child is teething, sick, or working on a new developmental milestone.
    • Transitioning naps from two to one to none.
    • How to keep your child from climbing out of the crib.
    • Transitioning your little one from crib to bed.
    • Dealing with both the Spring and Fall time change.
    • Travelling with your little one.
    • And a Good Night BONUS – Gear, Gadgets, and Sleep.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Training
  • Downloads and Printable Fun!

* This is a self-led baby sleep program and you will not be working with a Good Night Sleep Site consultant through one-on-one support. There will not be support offered in the form of emails, texts, or phone calls. If you are looking to work directly with a Good Night Sleep Site Consultant we recommend purchasing either our One-Week or Two-Week Sleep Programs available.

** Non-refundable and prepaid – This DIY Sleep Program is non-refundable. Good Night Sleep Site guarantees that the sleep training program will work if the caretakers, not just the ones that have read the Letter of Understanding, of the child[ren] are 100% consistent by following the advice of this Baby Sleep Program. This program is created for families and individuals who are able and willing to conduct a self-led program and who understand that the process and outcome of this baby sleep program may be differ in success of reaching your family’s sleep goals due to no support from a Good Night Sleep Site consultant.

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