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For parents needing general guidance throughout the sleep training process. You are ready to take it on but just need the plan! We are here to help. This package is also perfect for parents who need help with major transitions like nap transitions or the crib to bed transition.

All One-On-One Supported Good Night Sleep Site Consultations Include:

  • Analysis and assessment of your child’s sleep environment.
  • Age appropriate sleep schedule and routine for both daytime and nighttime sleep.
  • Chosen client approved method, one that works with parent’s comfort level and child’s personality and temperament.
  • Education and support to guide and coach you throughout the process.
  • Bonus material to help your little one for years to come.

All One-On-One Supported Consultations Include:

  • Family Sleep Questionnaire – Once you have placed your order, within 24 hours we will book your hour consultation at your convenience, and send you your Welcome Package and Sleep Questionnaire for you to fill out to get things started. Our questionnaire will include information and history of your child’s sleep issues, your overall sleep goals and what you expect from the Good Night Sleep Site.
  • Good Night Sleep Plan – Following our one (1) hour consult we will email you your written 100% customized Good Night Sleep Plan for you and your child.
  • Ongoing Support – Follow-up phone calls (15 minutes each), emails, and a daily online sleep log are included in all one-on-one consultations (this ongoing support is not included in any DIY Good Night Sleep Programs). Having close contact and support during this time is one of the most important things you can have to get you through this stage. We go above and beyond offering support to our moms and dads. That is an aspect of Good Night Sleep Site we take very seriously and one we pride ourselves in.
  • BONUS Section!
    • Your Good Night “Tricks of the Sleep Trade” Handbook, which includes:
      • What to do when your child is teething, sick, or working on a new developmental milestone.
      • Transitioning naps from two to one to none.
      • How to keep your child from climbing out of the crib.
      • Transitioning your little one from crib to bed.
      • Dealing with both the Spring and Fall time change.
      • Travelling with your little one.
      • And a Good Night BONUS – Gear, Gadgets, and Sleep.
    • FAQ’s about sleep training including:
      • What is the real skinny on crying during sleep training?
      • What is self-soothing and can my baby do it?
      • Downloads and printable fun!

$395.00 to work with a Certified Good Night Sleep Site Consultant

$537.00 to work directly with Founder Alanna McGinn – Please note Alanna will not be working with new clients until the week of January 7th, 2019. If you place your order before then we will be happy to pre-book and confirm your start date. Thank you.