Our Kid to Teen Sleep Program is created for parents to help their older child learn to achieve the healthiest sleep possible. This Sleep Program will help your child become an independent sleeper. Where he or she can fall asleep on their own and fall back to sleep without assistance. It will teach both the parent and child to become their own sleep expert and will help you understand that children and teens need a lot more sleep than adults do. The goal of this program is to encourage you and your child to have a healthier relationship with sleep and for Good Night Sleep Site to give you the confidence you need to make the right decisions. Our program will create the best sleep plan for your family to become a happier, healthier, and better-rested child and family unit.

All One-On-One Supported Good Night Sleep Site Consultations Include:

  • Analysis and assessment of your child’s sleep environment.
  • Age appropriate sleep schedule and routine for nighttime sleep.
  • Education on establishing proper tech use and a successful family sleep meeting.
  • Education and support to guide and coach you throughout the process.
  • Bonus and worksheet material to help your child establish a healthy sleep relationship.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Family Sleep Questionnaire – Once you have placed your order, within 24 hours we will book your 90-minute consultation at your convenience, and send you your Welcome Package and Sleep Questionnaire for you to fill out to get things started. Our questionnaire will include information and history of your child’s sleep issues, your overall sleep goals and what you expect from the Good Night Sleep Site.
  • Good Night Sleep Plan – Following our 90-minute consult we will email you your written 100% customized Good Night Sleep Plan for you and your child.
  • Ongoing Support – Follow-up phone calls (15 minutes each), emails, and a daily online sleep log are included in all one-on-one consultations. Having close contact and support during this time is one of the most important things you can have to get you through this stage. We go above and beyond offering support to our moms and dads. That is an aspect of Good Night Sleep Site we take very seriously and one we pride ourselves in.
  • BONUS Section!
    • Printables and Worksheets, which includes:
    • Bedtime Routine Worksheet
    • Family Sleep Meeting Contract Template
    • Family Media Contract Template
    • Mindful Breathing Technique Printable
    • Meditation Printable
    • Tapping Printable
    • Bedtime Havening Printable
    • Drowsy Driving Education
    • Journaling How To’s
    • Visualization Exercises
    • Sensory Techniques
    • Diet and Nutrition Tips
    • Resource Page with Useful Links

$549.00 to work with a Certified Good Night Sleep Site Consultant – Please note Good Night Sleep Site will be shut down from December 23rd to January 6th and will not be working with new clients until our return. If you place your order now we will be in touch once we return from holidays on January 6th to book your consultation.