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About Heather Young

Heather Young is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant with Good Night Sleep Site Waterloo. She is also a Registered Social Worker experienced in working with families in Paediatric settings. After realizing the benefits of hiring a Sleep Consultant, she decided to train at the Family Sleep Institute and join the Good Night Team. She loves helping other families achieve the success that she did. Everyone benefits when our little ones sleep well! When she's not working, she's enjoying time outside with her husband and two sons.

5 tips to protect sleep over the holiday season

Holiday time can be full of wonder, excitement and bedtime battles!  Trying to remain on schedule when you’re visiting family, hosting parties and travelling great distances can be a real challenge.  Here are some tips to help you get through the holiday season with ease and a (hopefully) more rest. 1. Plan ahead Enter the [...]

Newborn Sleep Series: What to expect between 2-4 months of age

When your newborn baby is about 8 weeks of age, a developmental shift occurs and sleep does become somewhat more organized in the brain.  Day/night confusion ends and your baby actually starts to smile and show signs of being a social being!  It is every parent’s favourite time in a newborn’s life.  With this development [...]

Top tips on how to weather-proof your sleep for all seasons

Your sleep environment is really important in supporting great sleep. Setting up the ideal sleep environment provides the opportunity for you to take as much high quality sleep as possible. Not all sleep is treated equally.  We want to optimize the sleep we’re getting by creating the conditions for our bodies and minds to settle into deep [...]

How to approach the 18 month sleep regression with confidence and sensitivity

Our little ones are growing and changing all the time.  This amazing cognitive growth and physical development can lead to increased fussiness, crankiness and difficulty settling into sleep.  We call this behaviour a “regression”, but it is really an exciting time for your little one.  Our babies hit one of these milestones around 18 months of [...]